He wants to retaliate!

Big devil is not left,It’s just that Yang Guang is not too much.。
According to the original fate,Yang Guanghui is so fast that the ministerial and hands。
This is also the number of days!
Under him,Yang Guang is likely to avoid this destiny。
The number of days is determined by Tiandao,When the number of days changes,Tiandao will definitely make corrective initiatives,At this time, the big devil hiding in the dark,Can see the action of Qing Tiandao,Learn more about this world of world heavens。
Know thyself, ever-victorious。
After the Battle of Lingshan,The big magic realizes a higher level of battle.,Information is very important。
This is his attempt.。
Very fast, and rebellious things。
But everyone didn’t think,Yang Guang actually took a dozen http://www.sure-56.cn hearts.,Most of them are still eunuch,Actually slaughtered the tens of thousands of elite and hand under the night,Among them, there is a strong family。
Night,The Yu valve of one of the four major door valves is raised by the root。
World vibration。
This is what anyone is unexpected.。
Yang Guang shows his sip,I don’t care when I start.。
This move also shocked the anti-king of the world.。
Yang Guang is an emperor who is in the year.,Revolating now,I gave a lot of bureaucrats.。
Tang Guo Liyuan learned that Yang Guang will open the news,Some ride is difficult。
He is very dissatisfied with his second child.。
Rebel,Li Shimin tells him that Yuhua and soon,Yang Guang will die without doubt,As a result, he won the situation in the moment of thunder.,But ushered in such a message。
He is so http://www.ynqixiu.cn trored Li Shimin,Also related to the Buddha’s forces behind Li Shimin。
Li Shimin is born,His mother dreams。
Li Yuan is also a strong person,He is deeply clear that is not the day of the day.,But the Buddha’s Daylight Bodhisk and Moonlight Bodhisattva。
This son is not simple!
This also caused Li Yuan deeply jealous。
But he knows more,This is also the opportunity of his father。
Rebellion earlier,He can also be a founding emperor。
late,Maybe it is the treatment of Han Gaozu Emperor Liu Tacong。
Li Yuan is angry,Come out,Can’t complain,But he still wants to show dissatisfaction,It is good to let Li Shimin’s Buddha’s gates continue to vigorously。
Luoyang,White Horse Temple。
This is the oldest Buddhist temple。
In the past years, the white horse temple was established.,There is Tianlonghua white horse to carry a Buddhist scripture,That is the Daily Dharma,Make all beings,Ultra-life and death。
Just now,Mahayana Dharma has been lost。
Can Baim Temple is still the holy place of Buddha。