“All right,Don’t make trouble。”Meiqin sighed,The discussion on the women’s servant and the bee is also placed by her.,“How about it,Kuroko?”

“Have a few days before,Nothing improve。”It’s a bit of a little blasphemy to shake your shoulders.,Side off the coat,Obviously, I am used to the degree of current of Meiqin.,“Yekaterinburg exceeded more than 60% of the area was blocked,At the same time, there is a http://www.huabao88.cn military station,I just just near the base of the Central Military Command.,It’s almost discovered in the blocked layer yet.。”
“Infrared temperature sensing equipment in the base,There is also a pile of chaos and seven-eight-shot sensors。”Meiqin shakes his head,“If we go together,Maybe there is a bit hope,You are too dangerous.。”
“it’s okay。”The black son is full of sweetness and smiles,Subsequently recovered serious,“but,Very strange,Although the alert near the central military base,However, there is no trace of massive army mobilization。”
“but,I can finalize one thing now.。”After the bee heard the black child,Gently lick your eyes,“Yekaterinburg is still only a logistics department.,The real battle will not explode here.,and”
“The fire of the right side is not here。”Meiqin whispered,But the nails have unconsciously http://www.bjbc-sh.cn caught in the palm of their hands.,“Means of”
He is not nearby。
“Russia although across the Asian Continent,But Russia three major cities,Moscow,Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg,All are compared to European places。That is, Russia’s western。”I don’t know if it is noticed that the beauty of Meiqin,Say bee,“And the special existence of our previous concern,But across the two sides of Russia’s things。”
“Although I don’t know what I have a magic.,In terms of intelligence。”The bee bee gently boosts,“But as a fistate with a country,Is it definitely not allowed to have a line on the body belonging to others.。”Speaking of which,Girl’s eye wave flow,The corner of the mouth evoke a touch of smile,“I think,You should be clear about this truth.?”
“Yekaterinburg,Is me,Located in the next place to go next、Traffic is also http://www.jiuxiyangsheng.cn the most convenient city。”
“This war is not prepared for ordinary people.。”Human exercise praying slowly,Flashing the starry,“superpower,Magic huh。”
“It’s really interesting.。”Girl stands up,Gently smile,Can be proud and confident,But rendering her like a real queen。。
“Irishali Independent States Alliance”Gourmet bee looks at the beautiful piano,And browbowned black son,In the mouth muttered,But I can’t help but get a brunette hedgehog head teenager.。
You should also come here.?
Chapter 654 A dream new
war,I don’t know when you start.,Suddenly hit you,Take you unreasonable volume,Like the dried leaves that are turned away by the stream,Can only follow the wave。
This is the feeling of the Qing Palace to the current Russia.。
The war in the urban city and Russia is very interesting.,The two are not bordered,The country between the school city and Russia is not intended to make a place to do their battlefield.,So the battle between a country and a city has evolved into a very rare situation.:Both treat each other’s territory as a battlefield!
This sentence may be some mouthfuls,But think carefully, it’s a very good understanding.。
The first time the school city began in the war,Just open your own air defense system,At the same time, a large number of people who belong to Russia belong to their own drones and transporters.,And Russia also has no more than two million students in the urban city.,Unfair to launch Intercontinental missiles,However, all the defense systems that have been academic city are easily intercepted.。
Confused Russian,The battlefield is somewhat not。
Academy of urban technology leading the outside world thirty years can not blow out,That is the real technical suppression,The urban urban delivery machine and drone easy to enter the country without saying,Transport machines are also unscrupulous to Russia local transportation and throwing materials and arms,On the other side, I also incited the anti-war organization in Russia.,While letting them receive materials,It also provides them with a weapon ammunition that is sufficient to retaliate to the Russian army originally unsatisfactory.。Plus the spy to Russia in the urban municipality,The scene is very confusing。
On the current battlefield,Both parties seem to be energetic,However, I will look at it.,The urban city is an overwhelming advantage.。
Tell a laugh,Right to provoke the battle,And always call the Russian army in the front battlefield,Actually, under the premise of the superior school, urban city, did not send a powerful person.,It was pressed in his own local battlefield.,And still in the case where the urban city is completely useless.。have to say,This is an ironic iron of the Pearl of Bear.。
“Bias,They still have no way。”Siberian plain on a train,A black armored Qing Palace picks up the mask,Horn Corner Etroke A Subcoundation,By his side,Still sitting a vote of the gustrazza and moist Elisa,“after all,The troops currently put into the battlefield in the urban park are not much.,Mainly fighting equipment is still some drones,In addition to destroying,There is no way at Russia.。”
At this time, the Qing Palace and others have successfully across the Russian State.,The gossip’s handfelt solves the soldiers of several guardianship borders.,Mix this only know the direction,But I don’t know where the freight train that is actually there.。
Although Whether it is the Qing Palace or Eliza, I can’t bear it.,But everyone is clear,Now in the war,Can’t keep any one-orierity。
“Means of,The urban urban criminalized the entire Russian?”Beside him,Elisa has some curious opening,“Don’t you say”
“Not so easy。”The laughter of the Qing Palace shook his head,“Don’t say anything else,You also know the purpose you come here.?”
Elisa,Subsequently, head。