In front of this, this male do not describe temperament,It’s just that the last caused a mess.、Summer full of face!

Judging two people。
Especially young life-saving at this summer,Let many women have changed their faces,Even a kind of self-defeating。
This life is too young.,Even more than Yafu。
I don’t know who is swallowing a sight.,Suddenly broke the silence。
Yafu is called a sound,Two eyes straight small stars,Follow the arms of the summer。
“Summer brother,It turns out that you are so good.……”
Summer consciousness touched the Pakistan,Bare,No Hu,“What is it?,In my hometown,Good looks can’t be used to describe men,That is equivalent to the mother.。”
Yafei,“so gay?what?This name……”
Although she first heard,But immediately understand the meaning,Under the meaning, aiming to Yunfan。
Mutter,“Is that Yunfan brother?……”
Summer mouth,“Freeze said。”
Toned,Pulling the front square arch,Laugh,“Thank you for your brothers.,Then go to Fengning City together.。”
Seven eight female repairs have also reacted,Hurry。
Just a few women who have a pretty face,Mushed and stunned。
So in this feast,Hollow vomiting blood,Can only be dark。
“That’s going.。”
Say,Turn away。
Summer laughing,Not to be more than him,Playing with Yafu,Stepped up。
“elder brother,Yunfan brothers don’t have you handsome。”Yafu is whispering,Staring at the summer。
Summer shink,Not in mind。
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Since you want to stay in Qingquan,Summer naturally have to pack yourself。
Can’t always look like a slam。
to him,This is only。
There is no other thought of。
At this time, the mind is still thinking about the cultivation of spiritual medicine.。
Collected in the jade,Tens of thousands of knowledge about planting、Skills and other fields。
It involves the soil。
simply say,Planting of any missionary,The soil is the most important。
It is also the most important step。