Xi’an: navigate traffic effective governance so that people travel more comfortably

  Reporter Zhang Jia traffic travel has always been the focus of public concern, but also an important part of social governance. December 13, Monday morning rush hour, passing through eight science and technology Bai Road crosses the public He found that when the red lights seemed to shorten the north-south direction here, with the intersection of the traffic police to divert and distal shunt, compared with the easy busy intersection On Monday some good to go.

  Concentration and control congestion point to protect the public travel smoothly and quietly changing here together, there are 15 members of the public are strongly congestion point. The end of November, Xi’an Traffic Police for the city road traffic congestion problems, everyone on the extensive collection of slow block chaos, the traffic signal installation, opinions aspects of transport infrastructure set up, Luantingluanfang governance, and reflects the comb from a number of recommendations out of 16 a common congestion points and sections, were "a little one policy", "a section of a program" of concentration and control. In the congestion point west Wanlu Zhangba Cross Road bridge, high-tech traffic police brigade squadron Bai Road, cross the bridge traffic combined with the actual situation of West Wanlu Zhangba road, the traffic lights in four directions adjusted to 30 seconds, emptying lights under the bridge roundabout becomes 5 + 3 seconds, and arrange a morning and evening peak to ease the police responsible for the vehicle under the bridge grooming and order maintenance, turn left boot ahead of the vehicle into the waiting area, illegal parking on the road under the bridge from both sides urged to protect vehicular traffic order , highly targeted remediation, traffic efficiency so that there occurred a visible improvement. Deputy Director of Municipal Public Security Bureau order at the police detachment Zhang Yan introduced, followed by detachment will conduct Challenge Cup in their respective brigade congestion point for these segments, with more than catch up with super form and speed, to protect the public travel smoothly.

  Series "people-oriented" new regulations guard the public safety of November 9, Xi’an Traffic Police released a large vehicle "right turn will stop" pass new regulations, a lot of the time the public and users point like this "people-oriented" requirement.

  Mr. Qin citizen who lives near the intersection of mine, he found last year in order to avoid blind spots carts turn lead to serious accidents, the traffic police here delimit the turning blind spot warning tape, on the ground here last month, has emerged "a large car stop to" Tip pavement, after a series of operations, where traffic accidents caused by blind spots caused by carts significantly reduced the peak congestion time has been shortened.

  At 5:30 on December 9, Metro Airport in New West Ham, West Ham illegal traffic police focus on remediation of "dawn action" start on time, day and seized a total of 35 cases of traffic violations. Since August this year, Xi’an Traffic Police focused their attention on construction waste removal vehicles, concrete mixing transport vehicles, medium and heavy trucks, motorcycles, vans, agricultural vehicles and other key vehicle for drunk driving drunk driving, illegal modifications, overloading and other key traffic violations to carry out acts zero, midnight, dawn night rectification "three action" ongoing traffic order rectification.

  Into the winter, affected by the weather, the amount of in-transit vehicle Xi’an weekday and weekend quantity of in-transit vehicle, the chain are on the rise.

But in point of the implementation of 91 large cars "right turn will stop" pass new regulations, adhere to carry out remediation at night "three actions", illegal modification of trucks and other special campaigns, the introduction of construction waste removal industry, road traffic management "Ten iron after the rules ", from August to November this year, the city’s major traffic accidents% decline year on year, smooth winter traffic safety situation.

  The rule of man wisdom of combining treatment to enhance road traffic efficiency December 10, the public Wang Xiaoyu while driving through West Ying Road, a car with a minor cut rub occurred after hours, and pretty soon back waiting in a long queue. Get off to see the situation, only to find the side of the rear bumper slight rub, he proposed the two sides take pictures, move cars, with traffic management "12123" APP fast-pay process.

  Soon, they passed the traffic control "12123" APP accident at fast speed compensation function, complete the "upload pictures, will be responsible for remote, online claims" process, less than 10 minutes to leave the scene. Wang Xiaoyu said: "We put the car away the main road, riding a motorcycle traffic police rushed over to see, that we dealt with, began to divert traffic, but now it is so simple to deal with minor incidents, police cavalry so fast. "December 13, net keung about truck drivers find North Main street – Lianhu Road south variable import more than a lane, above the lane there is a glowing sign, this lane is straight or turning, can be automated based on traffic flow regulation. Previously, this lane in Qujiang Avenue South Third Ring Road Cross, Changle Road – Road intersection after the new medical application of good results, most recently in North Street – import Lianhu Road South, East Second Ring – Changle Road East imports, Weiyang Road – Fengcheng seven road south of imports, Yuan Shang Road – Shang Wang Lunan imports also there is such a variable lane by geomagnetic data traffic and Internet traffic data command lane change, ease intersection congestion.

  Reporters learned that the city’s daily average of 2,700 police officers over 790 people on duty at the post on the road, the morning and evening peak hours. In the dual role of the rule of man and the Chilean government of Xi’an has achieved city ring expressway, main roads during peak hours to ensure that no less than one hundred cavalry patrol roads, intelligent command center must make sure that the police have blocked the trunk through large data road, 5 minutes, 10 minutes inside the Third Ring road, outside the ring 20 minutes Alarming, urban road traffic efficiency has been effectively improved.