Yinjiang: Increases high standard farmland construction investment in the county food security

This newspaper (Wang Dong) how to prevent the land "Non-food", and effectively guard the farmland red line and the basic farmland control line to ensure the overall safety of food? In recent years, Industrial Miao Autonomous County, in accordance with the standards of "Tian Chengfang, Canquult, Road connected, Dry", and floating energy, hidden food in the technology, and continuously increase high standard farmland construction. Investment efforts, so many low-efficient fields in the past, and the wildfield has become a high standard farmland with "dry energy, water sailor, soil, and agricultural machinery can enter and exit". October autumn wind, autumn leaves fall into a pile. With the cold of the temperature, the peasants from all over India, also bid farewell to the farming and actively participate in the winter and repair. Beside the hundred acre of the village in Chapeng Town, the mechanical roar, the lively and extraordinary, the local local man holds the pavement grinding machine, the vibration stick, under the mating of the excavator, is being carried out in the village. Construction work. This year, in order to firmly hold a cultivated land and Yongbao basic farmland control line, paradise Town to have conditions, suitable for high-standard farmland transformation, in accordance with unified planning deployment, in accordance with the unified planning deployment, in the high-standard farmland construction project in the county, then According to the unified construction standard, the infrastructure such as the machine, the drainage, and the water storage pool is extended to the field.

Yu Yadong, the head of the high-standard farmland renovation project of Paradise Town: "The high-standard farmland renovation project in the paradise town this year is open in late September. We completed the renovation project as scheduled. We are in Ying Dynasty, Baixun, Tea Yuan, Ma There were 2 groups in 4 villages, more than 10 people in each team. Under the cooperation of 10 large-scale mechanical equipment, it is rapidly promoting the construction of 2 reservoirs, and the approximately kilometers of local road transformation work. "In addition, sand As the agricultural town in the northern part of Industry, Po Town has never stopped from the efforts of exploration agricultural improvement in recent years. This year, the town tightly seized the development opportunities of the county to promote the development of agricultural modernization, and improved the blue, pool dam, and cross villages to improve the low-lying field. For this reason, a rice width, 1 meters deep flood Ditch, dump the machine farm, so that the low-rise field in the past village, the flood field has become a standardized farmland of dry energy and water. It is understood that as of this year, Yicjiang has built a high-standard farmland 10,000 mu. This year, 10,000 acres of high-standard farmland has also been fully started, and after the completion of the project, it will further consolidate the modernization of Industrial Industry in Industry.

"This year, the total number of high-standard farmland construction in our county has a total investment of 52.5 million yuan. The project covers the 15 township (street) (streets) of the county, and China’s construction of China ‘s infrastructure and geographic construction project through high standard farmland. It can effectively improve farmland disaster relief and disaster reduction ability, farmland irrigation ability, and improve the modernization of agricultural modernization in our county, guarantee the real needs of food security in the county, and the head of the county, the head of the farmland construction station. "

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