The beauty market presents a low-age trend. Do not let children fall into the "beautiful trap"

Original title: The beauty market presents a low-age trend. Make children fall into the "Beautiful Trap" market supervision law enforcement personnel randomly check two children’s cosmetics.(Reporter Chen Mud Photo) Today, young parents have attached great importance to the self-confidence of children, the most common way is to let them participate in various performances such as playing the piano, singing, dancing.

These occasions require makeup, children’s cosmetics almost become the "just need" of children.

However, since my country’s regulatory system in children’s cosmetics is still relatively weak, the market is not perfect, and the corresponding complaints are also uncommon.

Case Girls Makeup The next day, the father of red squats, the daughter, who has to participate in the children’s model, in order to let the children go to the stage, she takes the child to the Haikang cosmetics store to accept makeup services.

The makeup is very beautiful, Ms. Yao is very satisfied, and the children have been confident in the stage.

When I got up the next morning, Ms. Yao found that a daughter’s face had a red 瘩.

She took the child to the hospital on the same day, and the result was diagnosed as a skin allergy. Ms. Yao believes that children will not be inexplicably of skin allergies, and must be caused by cosmetics used in the previous day.

She found the business to reflect the situation, but the two sides negotiated fruitless.

In the end, Ms. Yao made a 12315 complaint.

In response to Ms. Yao’s complaint, the staff of the Haishu Market Supervision and Management Office came to the cosmetics store.

The person in charge of the cosmetics store said that they gave Yao’s daughter’s cosmetics were produced by regular manufacturers. They also provided services to many consumers, and they did not receive the symptoms of consumers reflected in skin allergies. They thought they were children. Individual difference issues are not willing to take responsibility.

Market regulators pointed out that for children to provide makeup services, children should use children’s cosmetics, which is specifically "for cosmetics for children under 12 years old (including) children, but product is not only qualified to meet the national standard of cosmetics, but also to children Other illustrative words.

From the situation of the on-site inspection, the cosmetics store is only ordinary cosmetics to children. It is not a child-specific cosmetics, "size mix" is easy to make children delicate skin, and should test the use of people before use. Tolerance.

After mediation, the cosmetics store agreed to give Yao’s fees and compensated for medical expenses.

According to the case known as the child cosmetics, the reporter has been reflected by Ms. Yao, and the reporter has found a "children’s makeup" recently found that the children’s makeup sold online is a lot, and the sales store is a store. Month can sell hundreds of pieces.

Among them, there are many children’s makeup sets nominally "Disney Authorization", with lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc. In addition, many products known as children’s cosmetics are actually a toy class, and they have not obtained a "makeup" brand production license.

In the face of the reporter’s consultation, most online store operators said that the children’s makeup sold in the store is suitable for children in any age, without any side effects.

But in the comment area, there are also parents pointing that the child is allergic, and the adult cleansing oil can be removed.

What is the sales situation of physical stores compared to hot online sales? The reporter also visited a number of maternal and child stores, cosmetics stores and supermarkets in our city, and found that children’s skin care products were more sales, while children’s make-up such cosmetics were very few.

Checking special inspections for key venues such as business super-specific situations to further standardize infants and children’s cosmetics business behaviors. The Haiyu market regulatory authorities have also been in key venues in shopping malls, supermarkets, maternal and child supplies stores, etc., and organize infants and children. Special inspection of cosmetics. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter took a check with the law enforcement officers of Haishu Market Supervisor, and the store of the Yutong Maoyan Boutique, Watsons, etc. In the second floor of Alo Sea, law enforcement personnel focused on the implementation of the main qualification, reassurance, and purchase and sales account management system, check whether the children’s cosmetics logo is complete, whether there is business "Three", expired and homemade cosmetics, illegal claim "medicine makeup"

The reporter noted that a children’s makeup package sold in the store, and the production license number of "Cantone Makers 20190009" is printed on the package, and it is printed with a complete safety warning content.

Market supervision law enforcement officers said that there are two common children’s skin care products in the market, including the "makeup" font size and "elimination" font, representing cosmetics and sanitation products, respectively. "Whether it is the ‘消’ font size or ‘makeup’, the country stipulates that the product label and publicity content must not appear or implies the efficacy of the disease.

"Not only that, my country’s supervision of children’s cosmetics security is different from adult cosmetics. The" Cosmetics Safety Technical Specifications "(2015 edition), which is implemented since 2016, clearly, includes special requirements for children’s cosmetics, including the total number of microbial colonies, Some raw materials for children under 3 years old, etc. The child cosmetics should be indicated by the illustrative words such as children, and should be labeled "should be used under adult monitoring". Inspection, law enforcement personnel also guide the cosmetics operators strictly abide by Laws and regulations such as "Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations", when purchasing cosmetics, requests suppliers and product information and set up the store, establish and improve the cosmetics and payment of the goods, display, store, regularly check the product quality and regularly in accordance with the instructions. Validity period, effectively regulate children’s cosmetic business behavior.

Consumption Tips Children use cosmetics to look for ingredients because children’s skin is relatively thin, the immunity is low, and it is easy to allergically. Therefore, it is recommended that parents should choose the cosmetics of ingredients when they purchase related cosmetics. The more simple and better, the better, the more simple, and contain Preferably, the additives such as flavors, preservatives are not used. In addition, parents should choose regular merchants and reputable brands when purchasing children’s cosmetics, pay attention to check the business license, keep a good invoice, shopping ticket, and Alipay WeChat payment records, etc., should be cautious when purchasing online Don’t listen to publicity such as "pure natural" "no added".

If there is a quality problem of children’s cosmetics, they can directly call the complaint report hotline 12315, and report to the market supervision and administration department.

(Xiamen Daily reporter Chen Mi correspondent Chen Ping Li) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Wu Zhou).