[The Internet is coming · Brilliant 19th] Han Qingxiang talks about the 19th report of the 19th National Report: a word "new"

The picture shows Xinhuanet Special Interview "Experts Take You Read Report" to invite member of the Central Party School School Committee, and Director, Director of the Deputy Education, and Professor Han Qingxiang interprets the report interview site. Xinhuanet Guo Xiaotian Photo Xinhuanet Beijing October 18th (He Fan Li) The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is grandly opened in the Beijing Great Hall of Beijing today.

Xi Jinping reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the 18th Central Committee.

Xinhuanet special interview "Expert takes you reading the report" invited a member of the Central Party School Committee, and the Director of the Deputy Education and the Director of the Director Han Qingxiang interprets the report. He pointed out that the General Assembly reported on the direction of the entire conference.

For the overall feelings of the report, you can focus on a word, that is, "new".

The following is the main content of the interview: Xinhua Net: How do you evaluate the historical significance of this conference? Han Qingxiang: The party’s 19th National Victory was held, here there is a very important core link, which is to report to the General Assembly. This report can represent the direction of the development of the entire conference. The 19th National Congress is a summary of the past, and the judgment is now planning the future, it is a new historical starting point to realize the strong rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It is also to mark Chinese characteristics. Socialism enters the conference of the new era. Xinhuanet: What kind of overall feelings do you have for the 19th National Report? Han Qingxiang: My feelings can be focused, that is, "new".

The first "new" is first reflected in the new era, and we must open a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The second "new" is a new history. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new stage of development, and we stand on a new historical starting point for strong.

The third "new" is the new theory.

Xi Jinping put forward the "New Era Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thought" in the 19th National Report, which is very exciting.

The fourth "new" is a new square. Xi Jinping’s report in the General Assembly, we have to do what we have to do in the future, how to do it, how to do better. Related Reading:.