What is the promotion of Fu Zuoyi accepted Beiping Peaceful Liberation? Wanshi reveals the secret version "Beiping no war" ? red imprint Episode 55

After picking up the Peking Ping, the Liberation Army took over the city. The Pingfu Frontline Command decided to be dominated by the Northeast Water Army 41 Army, attacked the army and special forces of the North China Military Region.

Since the car guns participated in the city will be withdrawn from the front line, they are full of dust, the soldiers will clean the cannons, tanks, armored vehicles, and the military uniforms are also tie. At this point, after the 64-day Pingjin battle, the "Beiping Mode" it created has also become the successful example of the later peaceful liberation of Hunan, Sichuan, Xinjiang and Yunnan.

In 1995, the Pingjin Battle Memorial was prepared and collected from all walks of life.

At the time, I have been 85-year-old Suxi, personally followed this with a pen in nearly 50 years, and gave the Pingjin Battle Memorial Hall. The Hall Chang Wang Peijun said that this is the best manifestation of an old communist party faith. Wang Peijun: This pen follows him for 50 years, Nanzheng North War, born to death. He knows that this pen is signed (used) Beiping Peace Protocol, and you must keep it.

This is also a kind of belief, this is loyalty to the cause and loyalty to the party. This steel pen, condenses the Chinese Communist Party as the unremitting efforts of Peace, protecting the ancient capital and the people, reflecting the initial heart of the Communist Party unswerving, although the number of winds and rain is ten, still blooms. Ye Haolin: I am a "90" explanator, Ye Haolin, the "90" explanant of the Battle Memorial Hall. Every time I look at this Pike Pen, my thoughts returned to Beiping more than 70 years ago.

The condense behind this steel pen is the inevitability of the greatness and historical development of the people’s war.

As a young generation, I will adhere to the red spirit, deeply dig the fresh story behind the cultural relics, integrate our party’s magnificent hundred years into daily explanations, let everyone feel the initiative and mission of the party.