Wonderful notice: Rui Li 2021 new product and strategic upgrade line post conference

In addition, Rui Li is newly developed a comprehensive situation analysis software and real three-dimensional image engine for digital twin applications, a virtual reality technology course resource and table for education and training.

And use in the Educational Industry Virtual Simulation Training Holographic 3D / VR Innovative Classroom Solution, Industrial / Smart City Field Application Scenario Digital Twin 3D Visual Solution, Emergency, Military Work, etc. Emergency Rescue, Military Command Push Test Simulation Situation Analysis 3D visualization solutions will also be released in this officially released.

Based on these programs, Rui Li is newly created industrial, military, surveying, smart cities, emergency scenes of scenes, digital twin application desk, in industrial network, surveying data visualization, military warfare field simulation, smart city data visualization, etc. A wide range of applications.

At the same time, this conference Rui LiTV CEO Xu Qiuzi will publish a scene of digital twins, and empower industries digital transformation strategy upgrade speech, explain to everyone to the new business strategy layout, do large digital literary sections, and do strong education Training sector, while doing military sectors, do a good job in digital innovation business, in the field of industrial, military, surveying, emergency, smart city and other fields, digitally enforcing energy, and in terms of product, talent, channels, etc. A full layout has been completed.

Rui Li wished to share the application practice, development trend of the industry in various industries in the year, and the results of the development trend of the industry in various industries. Encaps, promotes the development of social productivity, and the attitude and determination of scientific and civilized progress.

Digital twins are an important entrance to the corporate universe. The concept of corporate universe will also promote the development of digital twins. Future companies will enter virtual network space office, meet, carry out daily work such as vocational training, business training, business simulation.

Established in the company’s comprehensive digitalization, in the way of immersing interaction, in the form of virtual conquellation and virtual integration, the human scientific and technological civilization will be promoted to a new height, and Rui Li will also Strive to pursue and persistently strive for the solution to the solution, continue to look at the development direction of the industry, and look forward to the moment of the Yuancai door to completely open the moment & hellip; & hellip; pay attention to Ruiji official public number to get the latest content! Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis. Editor in charge: kJ005.