Ying "double", epidemic prevention and control must always online

Original title: Ying "double", epidemic prevention and control must always online "epidemic prevention and control has a difficult, complicated, long-term, although the current situation is excellent, but the normalization of prevention and control can not relax.

"□ newspaper commentator Zhao Jiang" line up on the train, please get on, be careful platform gap …… "September 12, Zhengzhou, part of the subway to restart the first day, the familiar sound of circulation stops ringing, people stop in an orderly manner ride.

Zhengzhou something that makes people rejoice moment to return to the subway marked the full restoration of the rhythm of city life past. When this, the epidemic prevention and control to consolidate the hard-won achievements, is particularly important.

  The provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters meeting held on September 12 stressed that, according to the provincial government decision-making arrangements, to further implement the fall fine epidemic prevention and control measures to resolutely prevent the epidemic rebound, continue to consolidate the hard-won achievements prevention and control to lay a solid foundation for the healthy economic and social development.

  Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day "double" is approaching, but the cunning virus has not died down due to the festive season is approaching and.

From September 10 reported the first case of the new crown nucleic acid-positive cases, to 16:09 March 12, Putian, Fujian round of outbreaks reported a total of 64 cases of domestic new crown viral nucleic acid positive.

32 confirmed cases, 32 cases of asymptomatic infection. The official epidemiological survey data show that at least 18 students have been infected with the new virus crown, new crown epidemic has spread or 10 days in Putian City Xianyou County Maple Town conceal a primary school.

  School has become an important point of Putian spread of the epidemic, and we should be highly vigilant.

The school is a relatively closed and crowded space, the school became the point spread of the epidemic, not only means that children’s health is threatened, but also means that the virus can easily be carried by children to go home, even causing widespread risk of transmission.

  Putian see the propagation path of the epidemic, it is not difficult to understand, the province postpone the opening time schedule is prudent and necessary. With the pace of resumption of production complex, parents gradually embarked on a job, a lot of people want to "keep school closed," the children back to school as soon as possible.

Parents urgent look forward to opening mood is understandable, but the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still not taken lightly. Start dates related to safety and the interests of millions of households, covering school crisis response plan for epidemic prevention and control and indispensable, more thorough preparations to little more security.

  At present, the province has announced the fall semester and more back to school program. Schools have been opening is epidemic prevention and control signals directly to the good, but also means to face the new situation and pressure. For the education authority, the school plans to do in the normalization of prevention and control, rather "YAM", not "with no backup."

For schools, not only to implement the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, but also to strengthen the home-school interaction and common to helping protect the students. Autumn is getting stronger flavor, epidemic prevention and control for the better, many people are beginning to brew travel plans and want to make up for the summer of regret.

Epidemic prevention and control has a difficult, complicated, long-term, although the current situation is excellent, but the normalization of prevention and control can not relax.

"Double" is approaching, Putian epidemic is a warning: To truss pitched "four pocket", according to "foreign anti-enter, in the anti-bounce" work requirements, strengthen investigation and verification highlight key areas, focus groups, to take timely isolation and other control measures to strengthen the tracking and monitoring of patients discharged, to cut off the spread of the epidemic channels. Experienced the arduous war "plague" everyone to public safety have higher requirements and expectations.

While actively respond to the government level, individuals should tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, do not get together, gathering a small, square is the "double" the right to open the way. (Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.