Why is a large-scale unmanned ungua called a modern navy "power multiplier"?

  Production: Science China Military Science and Technology Frontier Author: Weng Zongbo Planning: Jinhe Production: Guangming Net Technology Netizen Asked: Why is a large unmanned dairy called a modern navy "power multiplier"? Describe large-scale unmanned unmanned unmanned "power multipliers", which means that large-scale unmanned dasiors have an extremely important role in modern Navy.

  The Navy compares the army, its advantage is that there is no need to consider too many terrain factors.

After the equipment remote missile, the Marketing radius of the Naval Fleet can cover a broader area. And it is better than the advantages of the Air Force, especially the aircraft carrier, can be used as a large base platform, whether it is early warning defense, or it is very convenient to invest in the force. So in modern times, the big powers of the world who dominated themselves because they have a strong harvested navy.

In the modern United Kingdom, the current US is also the case. Figure: The US military team’s aircraft carrier formation has upgraded with reconnaissance means, especially the reconnaissance satellite, and the modern navy began face great challenges.

The Naval Fleet does not need to consider the advantages of terrain have also become an incidence that is extremely easy to be disclaimed satellite. Once the whereabouts are exposed premature, it will incur a long-distance strike of the ballistic missile.

The submarine is the best means of modern naval to deal with almost the global satellite reconnaissance. Submarine hidden underwater, satellite is difficult to find.

Once the designated area is reached, it can even launch an offense underwater, combating the various objectives of land sea and air, is a "ninja" in the navy, so that the opponent is not affordable. Figure: Russia 955 – Northern Wild God-class strategy nuclear submarine out of water, the submarine is not a flaw. All submarines, especially a conventional ship, need to surface.

The purpose of this helplessness is to supplement the air. There are two effects in air.

First, the carrier’s survival needs. Although the submarine can bring compressed air, it is difficult to maintain too long because of the limited space, so it is necessary to float the water.

The second is to provide energy. Because there is no air underwater, conventional submarines are in water energy source is the electrical energy supplied by the battery. When this energy is exhausted, the submarine still needs to surface, start the diesel engine to charge the battery. It is also because the submarine needs to come out of the water, so it is still able to let the whole weather satellite will follow.

Of course, the nuclear submarine is more advantageous, because the nuclear reactor provides energy without air, the nuclear submarine is more than the conventional ship is fast, its self-sustaining, and life is also strong than the conventional ship.

However, because the carrier can’t stay underwater for a long time, the nuclear submarine still needs to surface.

  Large unmanned dates not only retains the advantages of submarines, but also makes up this broken bloom. The unmanned dasius needs to be large, that is, the unmanned subregion is required to have the conditions for all kinds of weapons and equipment, thereby meeting the advantages of the naval platform. The unmanned subregion can latenom in the water for a long time because there is no carrier within the submarine. The long period of time here is even as a metrology unit.

Unmanned dasiors run to the vicinity of the target, start the silent low energy mode, once needed, immediately open, will make the opponent to prevent the opposite. The leader in large-scale unmanned diversiars is naturally Russian Poseidon. In 2018, Popjing mentioned this weapon for the first time, and the US Department of Defense immediately set this weapon to the end of the weapon.

Poseidon is a nuclear unmanned tunic.

Not only the speed is very fast, and the nor, the latency is more memorable, plus it equipped with a nuclear warhead, once in investing, even the world’s strongest US, now there is no countermeasure, simply no solution .图 注:: 冬 冬 简 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 专家 研究 研究 专家 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究 研究"China National Defense News" "Weapons" magazine and other military newspapers and magazines have published more than 200 articles, and individuals have a three-class work.