Non-legal art training report showed that Hangzhou staged the foundation of talent team

  Report the performance site. Wang Tesque Sports New Network Hangzhou October 25th (Wang Tu) "噤 噤 噤 噤 噤, He opened the "Suspended Hundred Years of Hundred Years" in 2021 China Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Crushing Plan – Non-Randed Art Training Course Report Performance. The report show aims to consolidate the basis of the inheritance talents of the non-legal art, forge a high-quality non-legal cultural talents, and create a non-legal artists who have strong advanced culture leaders, and inject power into the co-affordable demonstration zone Cultural power.

  Non-legal art performance. According to Wang Testrics Teaching resource support.

The report show is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Education, Human Resources and Social Security, Guided by the Zhejiang Cultural and Tourism Hall, Zhejiang Art Vocational College (Continuing Education College), and the performance of the songs are basically National, provincial intangible cultural heritage.

  It is well known that intangible cultural heritage is an important symbol of a national and national historical and cultural achievements, and Lu Yi is a wonderful flower in the Chinese Er Court.

Zhejiang Luyiyuan is long, the charm is unique, there are 24 national-level, non-legacy representative projects, including 27 protective places of 23 songs, 49 non-legacy projects of Zhejiang Province, involving 39 songs 62 Sprotice. Dialect proverbs the evils of more than 1500 years old, so far.

  Non-legal art performance. Wang Tuography Scene, Shaoxing Building (Badger), Shaoxing Pinghu, Huzhou Sanjun, Shaoxing Lotus, Wenzhou Music, Pinghu Zi Shu, etc., the inheritance of non-legal arts, etc. The venue of the singer, the wonderful, Zhejiang non-legological performance, attracted thousands of online watch live, but also a full year of studying plan for a Chinese intangible cultural heritage inheritance.

  In October this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the "China Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Administrative Training Program Implementation Plan" (2021-2025), Zhejiang Art Vocational College once again as Zhejiang 5 One of the universities, the only high vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province. "This is a highly affirmation and ardent expectation of the non-legacy work of our school." Zhou Li Fang, the president of the continuing education college, Zhejiang Art Vocational College, laughed and told reporters.

Therefore, the Zhejiang Art Vocational College is selected by the course settings and training experts in the research plan, which can be described as well. Zhou Li Fang said that "the school’s new era in the new era in the cultivation of the people’s cultivation, this year," Theoretical Class + Basic Class + Practical Training Class + Observation Exchange in the Class + Exhibition + Show "in the past this year, and invited a large number of Zhejiang The province’s inside and outsper, colleges and universities research experts, etc. The title of Wang Tesque is that this study has achieved a good three-dimensional training effect.

In this regard, the report performance director Zhou Yunjuan said that "This is the general director of this research training report show in this second year, two years of teaching, rehearsal process, give me a deep feeling.

The works of the students are fitted with the times, with typical Zhejiang characteristics. The organizers have improved the overall style and performance ability, and the training shows the foundation of the inheritance talent team. "As one of the students who participated in the study plan, Zhu Zeqi, Shaoxing Pinghu adjusted.

He said that in the nearly one month of training, the various songs of Zhejiang have wiped different sparks, and he also made him new feelings and improvements to the songs they engaged.