China @ 四 川 | Sichuan launched 100 famous Chuangkuai selection activities

  Xinhua News Agency, March 19th (Reporter Wang Di) On March 19, Sichuan officially launched a large Sichuan cuisine selection and promotion activities, and the 100-channel Sichuan dishes selected by the online voting and online selection will help people re-discover the charm of Sichuan cuisine. The 2021 "Sichuan Sichuan" Sichuan Diwu Catering Affairs of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce was officially launched in Chengdu on 19th.

It is understood that from March to June, 21 of Sichuan Province will launch 15 (25 in Chengdu 25), the most ranked Sichuan cuisine, and finally select 100 Sichuanpai from the first time. Dining represents dishes. Liu Xin, director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, said in the press conference that the global influence of large Sichuan cuisine is expected to enhance the global influence of Sichuan Diwu, and promote the high quality development of Sichuan. It is understood that Sichuan will also formally release food maps, food albums and Sichuan cuisine data reports based on the results of the selection results, will make full use of opportunities such as the World College Student Sports Council to promote Tianfu famous food to the world.

  Sichuan dining has accelerated development in recent years.

According to statistics from Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, between 2015-2019, Sichuan’s dining income has reached%, and the food and beverage income ranked fifth.

  "Sichuan cuisine’s spicy flavor conquer the world, but people have misunderstandings to Sichuan cuisine, some people use hot pots as dishes." Xu Xiaoyhong, a judge of this event, Sichuan Tourism College Cooking Teacher Xu Xiaoyang said that the true characteristics of Sichuan cuisine is the diversity of tastes , Inclusiveness and leisure, from several historical immigrants since the Spring and Autumn Period of the Spring and Autumn Period, have created today’s Sichuan cuisine.

  He said that in recent years, Sichuan dishes are more diverse, and many special dishes derived according to local properties, such as dishes that are the main elements of lemon, pepper, pickles, etc. Sichuan cuisine is further integrated with new technologies, and the choice of ingredients is also more diverse.