Fun, Meishan: Tender Green Crisp Thousands of Tiecakes Creative from Su Dongpo

Original title: Tender yellow crisp thousand layers of cakes from Su Dongpo Da Wenhao Su Dongpo is not only a famous literary man, calligraphy home, painter, and a famous gourmet, especially for pasters, and has a poem " There is a crispy and 饴 "" Fiber hand is looking for jade, and the oil is fried and yellow ", which describes the characteristics of pastries.

As the future generation of Dongpo’s hometown, Meishan people respect Su Dongpo, and also produced many colors "tender yellow" by speculating Su Dongpo’s description of pastries, the taste of "crisp" oil food, which has a "thousand layers of pie "Widely circulated, because" Thousands of Pie "is like dragon’s eyes, Meishan people have named" Long Eye ".

In numerous cakes, Meishan Lan Yinshan family in the late Qing Dynasty is a collection of big components.

In the late Qing Dynasty, the thousandth-story cakes (longan crisp) made in Lan Yinshan were famous, and every festive season, in addition to the self-employed, he also gave him a gift to the neighborhood. Lan Yinshan passed this skill to his son Lan Shaohuai, and Lan Shaohuai passed the son Lan Junchao. Lan Junchao has continuously learned, and the thousands of pieces of the ancestors have been continuously improved, and eventually become the popular pastry style.

The improved thousand layers of cakes (long-eyed crisp) have thousands of layers overlapping, the mesenger is uniform, the scouting is clear, the oil is rich, delicate and refreshing, and it is well received by the world.

Later, Lan Junchao also named his own thousand layers of cakes (Dragon Eye) as Dongpo Garden Dragon Eye. At the beginning of this century, Lan Junchao also listed his San Yong, according to the family inheritance algebra, is the fifth generation inheritor, that is, contemporary pass.

In October 2016, Dongpo Garden Longye cream was included in the fifth batch of Meishan City-level Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Longyan cuisine has a long history, creative from Mr. Su Dongpo’s poetry song, and later evolved into a realistic pastries in real life, and then evolved from simple pastries into a folk special food, both a kind of East slope culture. Inheritance, it is also a kind of payment of Mr. Dongpo.

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