Cheng Nail: Forever "China Nuclear Command"

  [Reasoning] Guangming Daily reporter Zhang Wen November 17th, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "Two Mark a Star Struggle Medal" won the enrichment of Cheng Kaijia in Beijing, and enjoy 101 years old. "The big country’s spine, national hero", netizens have sent me to express my grief, and I cherish the old academician of this lifetime.

  This life, the encycloped witness to China’s honor and disgrace, put personal pursuit into national destiny, so that the ethnic spine is very straight. On October 16 this year, it was the day of the 54th anniversary of the first atomic bomb explosion. The successful successful success of the old age of 54 years ago, still remembered, he said: "I am very pleased to be able to Contributed to the power of the country. I hope that the young comrades have taken the relay sticks of our older generations, self-reliance, work hard, contribute their own youth and strength to the motherland’s national defense modernization.

"Cheng Ying A, born in Fujiang, Jiangsu, the Chinese Academician, physicist, the pioneers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the pioneers of my country’s nuclear weapons," two bouces a star contemplation medal " , The National Supreme Science and Technology Award, National Science and Technology Progress, and the National Science Conference Award winner.

In July 2017, Cheng Kai has won the "Eight Medal". The old academician who was known as "China Nuclear Command" has said: "The biggest happiness in this life is everything you do, all tightly with the motherland." For the motherland needs, this is Cheng Kaijia’s belief. Not long ago, after recalring the suffering of the university while reading the university, Cheng Kai, Kaikai, who said, the sentence of Zhejiang University, said, "The strength of a country is weak, it is not an accident, and now the world is technology. The world is the world of science. In the future, it should be scientific and enriched. "And after this life, Cheng Kai has always struggled to rumors.

  In the era of poverty of the Chinese nation, the young maniced Cheng Kaijia has a belief in the scientific report.

In August 1946, Cheng Kaijia went to the University of Edinburgh, Britain, and Professor, Professor, the Master of Physics. In the meantime, the enrollment is mainly engaged in the research of superconductive double band.

In the autumn of 1948, Cheng Kai has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, serves a researcher in the Royal Chemical Industry Research Institute.

However, the enrollment in the UK, tasted the taste of being looked down, he understood that only the country is strong, and there is a personal happiness.

When I saw the People’s Liberation Army dared to fire to the British "Cycphus" warship, he felt that the new government just established is different, China has hope. Welping the dawn of New China, and the armor returned to the motherland in August 1950. Great sound, elephant invisible.

Perhaps many people have listened to his name, just like all "two bouncing elements" scientists "disappeared", in order to create China’s nuclear weapons research and nuclear testing career, Cheng Qifang has more than 20 load.

In Roboy, the enrollment is led by the development of China’s first nuclear test overall technical solution.

At 15:00 on October 16, 1964, after a short silence, as a thunder is a huge sound, China’s first atomic bomb explosion is successful. In order to let the giant sound of all the Yellowz grandson’s eyebrows, Cheng Kaijia and his team have decomposed the nuclear test to solve the problem to solve the problem, and all the national research institutes and military and soldiers have held hundreds of times. Collaboration meeting.

In less than two years, the country has cooperated in the country to develop thousands of tests, sampling, control and other experimental equipment and instruments, ensuring the success of the first nuclear test task. "My biggest wish in this life is the country’s strong, and the defense is strong." It was with the heart of this deficiency, and the encyclopedes were stunned, and they dared to do hidden surnamers. In the 1990s, he remembered, in materials Theory, high-power microwave, etc., continues to study, and has made important progress in a series of trials. He has only faintly saying that he has only faintly saying: "I just represent it, it is everyone.

"Opening a life in a lifetime, the scientist who made a significant contribution to the motherland, the motherland and the people will not forget.

  "Guangming Daily" (November 19, 2018).