The mayor of Maliwol City said that the situation in the steel plant is bad food, water and medicines are about to be exhausted

On the 29th local time, the mayor of Ukraine Mali Ubol City, Boyeo, revealed the current situation in the Mary Ubolia Surian Steel Factory in an interview with the media.

Boyqinko said that the food, water and medicines in the Yasu Steel Factory are about to be exhausted. He hopes to achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible and let the local residents hiding in the steel plant evacuated safely. Mary Upol Mayor Boyqinko said that the Russian army used heavy weapons to bombard the Ace Steel Factory. At present, the conditions here are very bad, and there are almost no food, water and drugs. After the Russian army implemented a bombing and shelling in a field hospital in the factory on the 28th, the number of wounded people increased from the previous 170 to more than 600.

Boyqinko said that there are many women, children and elderly people in the Aceki Steel Factory waiting to evacuate. Ukraine hopes that the international community will make efforts to this and hopes that the relevant personnel who are ongoing will evacuate the negotiations to achieve results.

The United Nations Secretary -General Gutres said on the 29th that the United Nations was continuously contacted with senior Mali Upoore’s evacuation issues with senior management of Russia and Ukraine.

On the 28th, Ukrainian President Zelezaki said that Ukraine was willing to conduct a "emergency talks" with Russia on the issue of evacuation of the personnel of the Mali Ubolia Steel Factory.

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said on the same day that Russia had clearly stated that civilians trapped in the Asia Steel Factory could evacuate from it, but Ukrainian armed personnel had to put down their weapons to leave.