The baby girl who spans more than 400 kilometers, only 3 months old to come to Jiqi for consultation

  On April 27th, more than 400 kilometers, a cross -provincial rescue from Zhoukou from Henan to Jinan, Henan affected the heartstrings. The 3 -month -old baby girl An An embarked on the "survival road" due to a variety of diseases such as heart disease and severe pneumonia.

At present, An’an has been treated at Jinan Children’s Hospital.

  The first journey in life was actually a "survival journey" congenital heart disease, severe pneumonia, stenosis in the trachea, and ventricular septal defects … This is undoubtedly cruel for a 3 -month -old baby girl.

In order to survive, on April 27, Henan Zhoukou went to Jinan, Shandong, and An’an embarked on the first "journey" in his life. I did not expect to be a survival journey for the first time. "Today, my daughter has just reached 87 days.

An An’s mother Li Fang said. Qiu Yun and Li Fang would not think that the birth of the twin daughters was a difficulty at the beginning.

On January 30th, as soon as the Spring Festival, An An and her twin sisters were born in the love and expectations of the family.

It didn’t take long for An An’s sudden abnormal response, which surprised Qiu Yun and Li Fang. "After the full moon, the daughter vomited in her mouth, her breathing was short, her voice was hoarse, and her cry was not only … In about 15 days, the child did not improve, and the doctor suggested that we transfer to the hospital.

"On March 21, An An’s parents took her to the courtyard and looked at the daughter who hadn’t had a high arm and tied the ventilator. Qiu Yun and Li Fang’s heart would be broken.

On the day after day, it was 15 days in the hospital. "The child’s situation is not optimistic. The doctor talked to us several times to let us give up treatment.

"Li Fang cried and sat on the ground," This is the meat that I fell on my body in October. "I have helped so many patients, and I was a volunteer of the front line of war. I would rather fall on my body and don’t torture my child.

"Li Fang is a nurse at the Department of Oncology of Zhengzhou University Hospital, but facing the daughter in the intensive room, she has no power. Mom tells the story of Douyin telling her daughter before her daughter is sick. Cheerful, at that time, the content of the Douyin released by Li Fang was easy and lively.

But with a video of the hospitalization certificate, after March 8, Li Fang’s Douyin changed his style overnight.

  "No matter how difficult it is, I know that it will be the past, it will be fine, everything will be fine.

"Each sentence, every word is the heart of the mother.

In this way, Li Fang wrote the story of An An. As the video was updated, more and more people were concerned about An An. In more than 70 comments, each of them wishes to An An.

There are also many parents who have similar experiences as An An who sent a private message to Li Fang. "Many parents suggested that I go to Jinan Children’s Hospital, so I decided to go." After adjusting the medication, various inspections were arranged from 9 am to the afternoon from 9 am to the afternoon from April 27th to the afternoon. At 3 o’clock, 6 hours of drive, An An and mother finally came to Jinan Children’s Hospital.

  In the early morning of April 28, Li Fang told reporters the current situation of An An. Li Fang said that on the 27th, the doctor communicated with her child’s condition until ten o’clock in the evening, and made a heart ultrasound and took a chest. The doctor said that the condition was still very serious, and the notice of illness was in a critical illness, and he would conduct a more comprehensive examination for An An in the past two days.

  "Because the child is in hospital for a long time, the body is full of acupuncture, and there are more bruises.

"Li Fang said that at present, a deep vector will be left in An An’s body, which will arrange CTA (CT blood vessel angiography) and chest CT and bronchial mirror examination. After that, it will also be checked in other parts such as heads.

At present, bacterial culture is undergoing the medicine according to previous inspections.

  Li Fang said that although the medication was adjusted and some of the more advanced antibiotics were used, the cost was relatively expensive. "In fact, I don’t know what to do. I only know that she is a life, and I can’t give up.

Li Fang said. The reporter will continue to pay attention to this incident.

 (The characters in the text are pseudonym).