November 13th NBA Live Nets vs Sun Online Video Watch Address_1

November 13th NBA Live Nets vs Sun Online Video Watch Address
At 10:00 am on November 13th, the NBA broadcast the Nets vs. the Suns. The Nets lost to the Knicks by 14 points in the same city derby. The team’s current record is 3 wins and 5 losses.Click to enter: Nets vs. Suns live video. The Nets will play four consecutive away games in the West. After the game with the Suns, they face the Clippers, Lakers and Thunder. Their opponents have played above a certain level this season.Therefore, this period of time is not a small test for the Nets; the Suns defeated the Pistons by 7 points in the last game, and the team’s current record is 3 wins and 6 losses.Chandler (7.4 points 13.3 rebounds) due to personal affairs, the return date is undecided, which will lead to the defensive ability of the sun inside decline.  After tomorrow’s game with the Nets, the sun will go back to back to go away to challenge the brave warriors, the schedule is also a test for the team.With Chandler absent, the Suns will be picked up by Warren, Dudley, and Lynn. With Bradso on the back line and Booker making rapid progress, the team can still play competitive; the Nets have lostCore defender Jeremy Lin, the team’s offensive organization will be greatly discounted, which seems to be quite unfavorable for the team.In summary, this game opened the Sun Master Handicap 5 in the game of handicap.In the case of 5 points, the author boldly optimistic about his victory.