This time is the time for people to rest,It seems that the city is also a lot quieter。

And at the moment,Tang Ze is resting in the car,Also patiently waiting for the result。
“Tang Zesang,Is your method really useful?”Takagi lay halfway on the driver’s seat and asked with his eyes closed。
“Out of ten,He looked a little wrong before,Must be guilty。”
Tang Ze looked at the worried Officer Takagi and smiled:“Peace of mind,I just do it once and for all,Even if he fails, he can still tell what he is hiding。
It’s just too much trouble,I don’t want to spend time there with him,Still so easy。”
“Oh?So Tang Zesang, you have actually discovered something?”Takagi’s spirit rises。
“Yep,In fact, the building where Otsuga Yuyuki died,Is one of the projects that their construction company is responsible for。”
“Nani!!”Officer Takagi suddenly got up,Looking at Tang Ze excitedly:“What are you waiting for!This kind of contact is enough to bring him directly to the Metropolitan Police Department for questioning。”
“and then,It’s just a question。”Tang Ze asked with a smile:“You don’t really think to take it back,Let him open his mouth honestly。”
“amount…indeed…”Gao Mu’s face stagnated upon hearing this,“if it was me,I’m afraid I will try my best to hide it。”
“Didn’t I say to get it done once and for all?,If it’s just because of this to bring him back,He will definitely hide things that are bad for him,And we need to know all the information。”
“That’s it。”Gao Mu couldn’t help but click on him.,“That’s why he needs to give up,I know I don’t have to hide it anymore,This way he will naturally no longer hide these things that are not important to him。”
When I visited before,Both of them actually noticed,What the person in charge is hiding。
But one more thing to look at than Takagi is,Tang Ze knew that the company violated the law。
So he tested Xiangtian,Ask him if he has hired technicians who must exist on the site。
And the other party is just a normal person after all,Even if it’s not natural,But there was still a flaw in Tang Ze’s eyes。