Monkey squeaking,And followed the wild boar,The wild boar escaped very fast,Disappeared in the forest in a few seconds,The monkey ran away,But my speed obviously can’t keep up with it,That guy is very thoughtful,Will come back to see me soon,Then continue to chase the wild boar。

In fact, the wild boar definitely can’t get off!First, the wooden spear has hit it,This is doomed to its death,Add blood all the way,It’s only a matter of time to catch up。
Set aside a knife at the waist,Push towards the place where the blood is splashed,At this moment, my heart no longer fluctuates,The pleasure of winning the ticket has calmed me down。
Chased in the woods for more than 20 minutes,The blood is still winding through the forest,Just towards the cliff,It is estimated that the place where the wild boar chose to flee is the cliff。
Analyze nervously,The wild boar chose to escape from the cliff with only one purpose,It wants to go up,Maybe there is a gentle slope in front of the cliff!
Thinking of this, I speed up,Running towards the blood,Blood stains extend from the forest vegetation,Gradually drilled out of the forest belt,I followed out of the forest。
The open area between the cliff and the forest appeared before me,There is sometimes no such open land between woods and cliffs,Sometimes the forest and the cliff will join together,Even those trees will grow up along the cliff slope,But there are also many open areas in front of the cliffs,These lots are wide and flat,The landforms are also different。
The blood snaking across the open ground,Extends to the edge of the cliff,Monkey King stands under the cliff in the distance,Bend his head against the cliff and mountain wall,I don’t know what to look for,The bloodstain disappeared under the cliff。I’m very strange,Did the wild boar escape in?
When I got closer, I realized,It turned out that a huge crack appeared under the cliff,How wide is the crack,Then from the bottom up,From wide to square,The crack like a giant snake extends to the top of the cliff!
Dark in the cracks,And the faint cold wind blows out,Monkey King screamed to me,I seem to be very afraid of it。
It seems that the wild boar ran in!It is estimated that this place is also its nest!
Took a close look at the cracks,I decided to go in and have a look,I know there are risks in doing this,But that wild pork is so fragrant,And I can’t bear that wooden spear。
I found some branches in the forest outside,Then use a lighter to ignite the torch,It is probably due to the sun exposure these few days,Those branches are very dry,Burns at one point,But a little bit intolerant,Can’t last long。
I hold a torch,Enter carefully against the crack,The monkey screamed anxiously outside,Obviously it does not agree with me。
I don’t care about it,A short knife in one hand,Torch in one hand,The branches are left at the waist,Walk slowly sideways。
Cold wind blowing from the cracks,Spooky,Leng Youyou,Very cold,Made me get goose bumps。
Look down,Blood stains still show up on the cracked ground,Extend all the way in。
Surprisingly,The crack went wider and wider,First can only pass,Then gradually wider,The width gradually increases,Afterwards,The crack is about two meters wide!
I guess I have walked more than 30 meters,I changed a few branches,The light and shadow behind the crack gradually dim,At present, only torches can be used for lighting。