This guy Ouyang wiped away his tears with the back of his hand,Indifferent tone:“Eyebrow,You haven’t loved anyone,So you don’t understand the feeling of being in love,And i think you must be a virgin!I suspect you haven’t even touched a man!So your psychology is a little distorted,Never see others well。”

Su Mei was stunned,She opened her mouth wide and couldn’t speak for a long time,I look bad,I didn’t expect this to happen at such a critical time!
I quickly walked to Su Mei and sat down,smile apologetically:“Don’t care about this old thing,I’ll clean him up after asking!”
Su Mei doesn’t listen to me at all,She got up suddenly,Rush to Ouyang,Kicked him on the shoulder,Immediately kicked Ouyang to the ground,
Ouyang screamed in pain,Look back in panic:“Why are you going crazy again??”
Su Mei’s pair of Danfeng eyes opened wide:“Ouyang, you old bastard,Don’t want to be angry with my old lady!You never want to get angry with me!”
Finished,Su Mei suddenly stepped aside,Sitting angrily on the grass,Watch her chest rise and fall,I guess Ouyang really made her angry。
At this time Wen Ru started to shoot again:“Brother is too temperamental,Faced with the beauty of the anger, still not changing,And can deal with it calmly,Really worthy of being my big brother!”
Xiaolong wry smile:“Wenru,I don’t know what to say about you,Really,I think you need some medicine。”
I let Ouyang continue,The guy wiped his eyes pretentiously,And then started talking,Since that mysterious disappearance,Ouyang took his heart,Once he found out that Zhang Sha was not in the wooden house,So he climbed down the iron ladder to the cliff,Follow the map clues you saw before,He unexpectedly found,There is a large area of abandoned buildings in the forest about two kilometers away from the cliff observation post.!
Chapter Eighty Three Tang Dynasty Hengdao
“Did you let me live in that place??”I can’t help but ask。
“Yes!”Ouyang nodded。