And from the content of these people’s chats, Mai Fan can also analyze many useful things……

It’s like this……What do audiences of higher races want to see?
What kind of state do they want Human Race to be like??
Mai Fan made the decision when he landed on his toes。
He cautiously approached these knuckles,Cough,Coughed twice,Get their attention。
There’s a reason Mai Fan is so careful,He was afraid that these bugs would rush towards him in a state of fear。
But what he didn’t expect was……The dying leader made a buzzing sound of joint friction……The knuckle bugs who heard this voice retreated in the direction that Mai Fan was approaching.。
They withdrew behind the dying leader,And the leader shuddered and stretched out the punctured joints from the broken wound,It looks like this is planning to use his last strength to fight him desperately?
Through these performances,Mai Fan knows,These bugs are really wise,And IQ is not low。
It’s a pity that the language doesn’t work,He can’t show that he can understand the other party’s language。
Otherwise it will definitely arouse the suspicion of higher races,How do people with low IQs on this lower planet know different ethnic languages??
The diary is now hidden well,Not discovered by these people。
But since this world has developed into such a grand situation,Then there is no guarantee that there is no more advanced existence than the existence of diary。