Lend money to young girls,Until you can’t pay the money,Condition,Let him voluntarily shoot learning materials to write off debts。

Because biology teaching resources are very popular in Neon,So signed a voluntary agreement,It’s a serious job。
And the so-called“Easy work”,It’s the kind of easy teaching job~
only,Generally speaking,Good things are enjoyed by my members,It’s impossible to make men so happy。
So for male debtors who cannot pay,Had to let them“Another way”,To make small money~
After all, many men and women,After finishing the compulsory biology,I will also choose some interesting electives to study。
And someone learns,Naturally there is a market~
So Oto Goken knows his fate,Just so collapsed,So miserable。
After all, a scumbag like him,Let him take pictures of learning materials,Isn’t that worse than killing him!(funny)
Hey,The sadness of the scumbag。
But these things,Don’t say it and pollute everyone’s ears。
“This gentleman,Very grateful for your help!!”Zhishui Gaobao is the most excited one at the moment,“thank you very much!!”
“You are Welcome,I just heard my colleagues talk about it by accident,Happened to happen today。”Tang Ze raises Zhishui Gaobao,Smiled:“It’s just that it’s too shameful to cheat in the end,So I had to use some means。”
“Even if Mr. Zhishui can beat him,I’m afraid he will be fooled by him,It’s unlucky to meet his brother-in-law!”Yuanzi waved his fists unhappy,“That’s what you should do when you deal with a scumbag like him!”
“Yep,Repayment of debts is a matter of course。”Xiaolan nodded in agreement:“Tang Zesang did it right。”
Seeing everyone doing it right,Tang Ze couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief,Secretly that everything I planned was not in vain。
In fact, preventing a case is similar to planning a script,Make everything reasonable,Nothing abruptly makes your actions arouse others’ suspicion。
Like this time,Tang Ze and the opponent won the bet before using their contacts to crush,Just stand“Righteousness”The name of,No one will sympathize with Oto Goken, the downright villain。
If Tang Ze didn’t win after betting,,Just send him directly“No misfortune in working hell”,Tang Ze’s actions will look a little bit“Overkill”Up,and so“Righteousness”This thing can’t be seen or touched,Its influence is even so great that you can take the world。