Hyida sees me silent,So smiled and got up,Stepped into the bedroom,I can’t help but peek inside,I was frightened at the end,Unexpectedly, she changed clothes inside without closing the door!

The picture in front of me is like a dream,I watched me take off the kimono one by one,She actually wore four kimonos inside!Could this be the twelve orders in the legend?Do not!Four kimonos should be called four orders?
Look at her white.Skin.Skin and plump body,As if it comes with beauty glare,I can’t look away,My saliva can’t help swallowing,The nosebleed almost burst out。
Those wonderful details of her body are vivid,When I looked at her vigorously,She didn’t feel embarrassed at all,But calmly turned his head and smiled at me,And gave me encouraging eyes。
My goodness!Wave!Wandering!Ten thousand miles of rivers surging forever!Huidai, what does this mean?Is she really willing to be with me?
She loosened her hair bun,Took out the bracket inside,She has long hair with silky and dark shawl!
that’s it,I watched her eagerly to put on new clothes,There is fierce remorse,I should go up and dress her,At least you can zipper her or something!I’m so stupid!
Hui Dai put on a fashionable black vest,Inside is red high collarTShirts,The shirt that clings to the body makes the beautiful couple in front of her look abrupt,The liveliness when walking is shocking,I didn’t expect this girl to have such a big capital!
Her waist is very thin,The bottom plate is even more round.Run. Convex.Alice,Especially put on tight.After the wrapped jeans, the body is shown to the fullest。
Hui Dai tucked her long hair with both hands,Eyes flowing waves:’how about it?Zhao Pujun,Are you satisfied with me??”
I look dumbfounded,When she asks me, I just promise,Pretty girls look good in everything,of course,Look better without wearing anything!
I don’t know if her gentleness indulged my ambition,It’s my desire to burn my mind,I actually rushed over and hugged her,Under shortness of breath,I just leaned in and kissed her,Huidai wears a smile to cooperate with my kiss,For my salty.The pig hand does not resist,She also took advantage of the trend and put my hands in the places I dream of!I rub!This beauty planned!
Just when I was about to take the crucial next step,Suddenly there was a buzzing outside the door,The lift is slowly descending,Jinyi Wang Jun actually stood above,That bastard came too late!
I had no choice but to let go of Huidai,Huidai turned around and saw Wang Jun,Kneeling down in a hurry,Put your hands on the floor,His head also lowered:“Huidai met the four gods!Four gods are well!”
I was ignited by Hyida’s humble performance:“What are you doing on his knees?This guy is not worth your knees!”
Hui Dai didn’t look up to the authenticity:“Zhao Pujun,He is the Four Gods!Are the four gods of the Seven Sons of Xintian!I must not blaspheme him!”
Wang Jun laughed,Flicking his sleeves and walking into the balcony:“Take a look,Is this girl sensible!Ok,Nothing wrong with you here,You temporarily avoid it,I have something to say to your master。”
Huidai humbly got up and retreated,Then walked to the corner of Huachi and hurriedly walked,Soon disappeared between the flowers and leaves。
Wang Jun winked at me:‘How is it, Zhao Pu,Have you tasted of becoming a god??Haha,sorry Sorry,I didn’t come at the right time,I should wait for you to finish things,I didn’t expect you to endure till now!You are really a gentleman who has never been able to sit still!“
”Don’t talk nonsense!What are you looking for me for?“I don’t have a good face for this despicable guy。