”No wonder she said she was short of money!Ha ha“

”boss?Do we want her to work?“
”The wise does not buy rumours!I’m a fool to stump your boss?Can’t even people understand??“
”Then what do you want me to check?”The female assistant complained,Busy for most of the day,You do not believe,What’s the use if you want me to check?
“Take a form,Do you understand the form“
“Understand your sister!Wan Zui Bo,I told you!This week passed,Sister is going back to the research group!Fuck,What a broken company,The poor don’t even have money to find an assistant!“Who can think of someone who just talked well,I’ll turn my face in this moment。
“Mei Mei,Don’t do this!Isn’t it impossible??The old man doesn’t allocate money,Our company,Not many people run everything。Isn’t it impossible??Next week you take turns,rest assured,The subject you have is not over,I won’t be looking for your help!“
“It’s almost,How about that little girl!“
“I feel pretty good!This little girl wants to take a college entrance exam。“
“Really!When investigating her,Those rumors,It shocked me,I think it’s a rich life,Not like me,All day long is the data。I’m so annoying,If later,Entered the college,I must get into my research group。“
“I don’t think there is a big chance,She wants to give up now。“
“She said the score is too high!And there is no medical foundation!But she asked me to send him medical books。“
”What happened to the books??You still expect her to be able to teach herself without a teacher!“
”then what should we do?“
”How about you find someone to record the professors in class,Then just send it to her!“
”Meimei is still smart!“
”That’s not,You too,Don’t think about business every day,Don’t lose the business!“