As her headless corpse knelt down softly,The faces of the other maids became more frightened,They screamed,The voice is so sharp as to tear my ears!They all scattered and wanted to escape,But Naihe has been surrounded by reapers。

Snapped!Snapped!Snapped!Three beeps refer to the past,The heads of the three saints fell to the ground!
Blood spread on the yellow wooden floor of the temple,Those delicate corpses fell all around,The head also rolled in a pool of blood。
Looking at them, their hands as white as petals twitch and tremble,My heart is dripping with blood!Oh my God!How can you allow this bastard to be like this?How can i save them?
The three saints who have served me have been killed!
Their heads are gathered by the reapers,Looking at their beautiful and charming faces, there are expressions of horror and sadness remaining,My heart seems to be hit by heavy hammers!
They died because of me!Two of them only met me once,I drove them away,The hateful thing is that the elders even let them go!Is this guy who pierced the whole body a brute or a pervert??
The continuous killing made my body tremble with anger,Like a trapped beast caught in a hunting net,The anxiety and powerlessness caused by death is so strong!
I can only watch these cute girls being killed,Look at their delicate bodies being cut into split heads by that sharp butcher knife!
It’s not my fault!
If i don’t know them,Maybe they are living happily in the trees,Instead of being slaughtered by pigs and dogs like now!!
In the end, only Hyida is left,The reaper raised the sickle,Then look up to us,His green face is full of inquiry,Waiting for the elder to order,Huidai closed his eyes,An Ran bears his own fate。
”Sorry Huidai!I killed you!“
I raised my head and yelled at Hyida,I think my voice is miserable and bleak,I have never been so miserable!