In the moment of Wu Da’s life and death,There was a faint shout:

“Lao Liu,Hands on!”
“hand”The rhyme of the word is still reverberating in the air,One full of calluses、A big hand as hard as steel appeared on Wu Da’s chest。Quickly look like this big hand is in front of Wu Da。
As the fat dragon exhales,This iron hand is like a steel wall blocking the fat dragon’s fatal punch。
In a ghost cry,Fat dragon was shook back,When landing,I saw his fat hand swelling up at a speed visible to the naked eye。
“Inner Strength Warrior!”
A hint of surprise,From sitting next to Sha Pengfei、In the mouth of a middle-aged man with a split head。
“What happened to the inner strength warrior?My fat dragon@Not afraid at all!”
Bursting,Fat dragon rushed up again。
The fat body swelled strangely as he charged in,It’s like an inflating ball。In the near future,Fat dragon has become twice as fat,Turned into a rampaging rhino,Marching in the huge space on the eighth floor。
Not bad,This is Fat Long Shimen’s skill at the bottom of the box——Dragon Art。It can double the size of the caster,same,Attack power has also tripled。
In the loud noise of the rumbling train,The fat dragon rushes,Two big palm-like hands crossed his chest,No fancy one in one,Palms fierce@Hit Liu Zhao in the chest。
Fat dragon, this is going to be a hit,He knows that as an internal warrior,When facing an attack from a top warrior below one level,Won’t dodge。
This is not the inner strength warrior will not dodge,But the pride of being an internal warrior,Will not let him dodge frontal attacks from low levels。
It’s like a kindergarten child@Hitting a high school student,Is it necessary for high school students to dodge??
Facing a fat rhino attack,Liu Zhao’s complexion also became serious。Fight for years,He knows that Fat Long’s full blow is infinitely close to the inner strength warrior。
Chapter Sixty Five Events that occurred in the Wu Group(four