“Not bad,Li Dali, the son of our strength medicine company!Director Luo,You also know that as the successor of Power Medicine Company,President Li’s right to speak,In the company, it is first-class。Say so,The 50,000 yuan sponsored for the exchange meeting was personally approved by Mr. Li.,Do you know what happened this time??”

Chapter Seventy Six Pharmaceutical Auction(three)
The meaning of Guan Zhongshu,Of course Luo Qing heard it,To Tang Ding, the restaurant manager:
“Manager Tang,In order for the exchange meeting to proceed smoothly,Also for our two better cooperation,Our organizing committee hopes to expel gangsters in a fair manner。Also explain from the side,The medicinal material exchange meeting does not welcome those who are mixed,Also let us exchange will raise a level in society。”
Since the organizer of the organizing committee is not afraid of making things bigger,Of course there is nothing terrifying about his Baiyun Building。
A gangster who eats and drinks,I said I would leave,It can also let Luo Jing feel personally,why not?
Thought of here,Tang Ding nodded and agreed,Big hand wave,Leadership full of Tao:
“Niu Da、Maji,Must fully implement Director Luo’s intention,Throw that bastard out of Baiyun Building。”
For leadership commands,Ma Er, a bit savage, got excited first。
Ma Er as a grassroots,Since applying for the job at Baiyun Building,There is always a sense of superiority of the poor。
Not only does it seem that the little friends in the village are not pleasing to the eye,And some ordinary citizens in Sui City,Don’t take it seriously。
In Ma Er’s opinion,He is a cadre of his size,Can be regarded as entering“Official career”Up,He’s half a successful person。Look at ordinary people with oblique eyes,Isn’t that normal??
But due to the strict management regulations of Baiyun Building,Ma Er rarely finds opportunities,Squint at people during work hours,Since I have expressed my superiority。