and,Ms. Chi Bo took the initiative to entrust,Came to Shizuoka with us,If she is a criminal,Why take us back to the scene again??”

“Many prisoners will return to the crime scene,I think you know Mr. Maori,And Ms. Chi Bo is not without reason to return。”
Looking at Kogoro Mouri,With a solemn expression:“You heard what Mr. Yoshikawa and Mrs. Shibata said,Ms. Chi Bo called Mr. Shibata before,In other words, the two were actually in contact!
So Mr. Maori,You said Ms. Chi Bo entrusted you to find Mr. Shibata,But this is very contradictory!”
Speaking of which,Henggou looked at Chi Bo Jinghua and said coldly:“Ms. Chi Bo,To confirm the location of the photo when you were young,You should have been to Mr. Shibata’s house in the morning!”
But your conversation at the entrance was not smooth,The two clashed,Then you picked up the wooden knife in the shoe cabinet and hit the opponent’s head。
Mr. Shibata fainted directly,But you mistakenly thought that you killed the other person in a panic,Ran away directly from the stairwell。
And the other side,After Mr. Shibata woke up,Desperately trying to climb to the bedroom for help,But I lost strength in the middle。
And at the last moment of life,He thought of the book with your photo on the stack when he was talking with you,So at the last moment of life,Dump that pile of books,Hold your photo in your hand。”
“but…Can’t prove anything with just a photo…”Mouri Kogoro in a state of seduction,Hear this well-founded reasoning,I tried my best to refute with some lack of confidence。
“I’m afraid this photo,Have you a secret that I don’t know。”Henggou comprehend and guess:“otherwise,She won’t get the photos back,I asked you to come with her again。”
Under this well-founded reasoning,Makes Mouri Kogoro a little speechless。
Henggou sees Chi Bo Jinghua with solemn expression:“Ms. Chi Bo,Please come with us!”
“Sorry,Forgive me…”Chi Bo Jinghua still looks calm,She smiled slightly:“If you want to take me to the police station for questioning,Please go through the procedure and apply for an arrest warrant!
Any words,I choose to refuse。”
“what?”The other party’s reply made Henggou’s comprehension uncontrollable。
Neon asks people to go to the police station. One is to go through formal procedures and let the court issue an arrest warrant.,And the other one was arbitrarily searched。
of course,This one“Arbitrary”It doesn’t mean to be unscrupulous,But voluntarily cooperate with the investigation。
of course,The suspect also has the right to refuse,But it will increase the police’s suspicion,So most people will choose to cooperate,Even many people who haven’t been in contact with this kind of thing,I didn’t know this concept at all when I encountered a criminal request to return to the police station.,The criminal said to go, then go honestly。