“Is he also a zombie?”

“One of the five ancestors?”
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you……You are one of the five ancestors?”
“Five ancestors?”
Dai Yun said with a smile:“It’s just five bodies without souls,They dare to call their ancestors without shame,Really laugh at me!”
“You are not a zombie?”
“Do you look at me like a zombie?”
As long as it is not the fifth ancestor,Chen Xiu is relieved a lot,Now it’s hardened again:“Since you can also see my talent, Xiaoye,Let me get out of here if I’m scared!”
Dai Yun shook his head and said:“I thought you were a great wizard,Now I see it, but it’s so,Is disappointed!”
Chen Xiu:“Old man,Don’t say I bully you about your age,Call out your fifteen useless men,This time I don’t beat them up,I write it upside down!”
“Party Wu,Since others look down on you,Not out yet!”
“Yes,Law protector!”
Five people in white came in one after another outside the door,It was the 15 people who caught Chen Xiu before。