“You are too hard,Cool enough。”

Blue Xin’s teeth said。
“Cough”Lu Haocheng instantly was coughed by her.。
He didn’t think of a simple blue blue actually can say this.。
I am wrong.。”
Blue Xin looked at him in chin。
I want to go back to give him a good job.,Don’t think about it now。
Her is full,“Go in,First change your clothes first,I am going to find some aloe vera.,Help you rub。”
There is a deep coffee flavor in the office,She is calm down,Seeing his redness,I know what is going on.?
Lu Hao“Oh”A sound,乖 穿 穿 穿。
He stepped on her face step by step.,This little girl,Why can’t you escape his palm?。
There is a balcony in the office of Aloe Blue Xin.。
but,It is she bought.,She is also afraid of usually burnt what is,Aloe。
Mom cook,More than the oil splash in the hand,Aloe vera,Wipe, wipe it, you won’t grow blisters.。
It is also very role in burns。
Lu Hao Cheng turned,Seeing Lin Zikang has not left yet,He quickly turned to go to the closet and took a shirt put on,I didn’t see the state of Lin Zhenshi.。
Lin Zikang at this time, the position of the waist is really painful.,I have never eaten this bitter from small to big.,At this time, the face is pale,Just like a big grievance,Tears can’t help but flow。
When Lu Hao Cheng came out,Walking up towards her,I saw her picture of this pair.。
He flashed in his black scorpion.:“Don’t you want to go??
Or let you go out on the security guard.!”
Lin Ziwa’s face,Looking at a ruthless Lu Hao Cheng,She lives for so long.,I have never seen such a ruthless person。
“Lu Hao Cheng,I did not do it on purpose,Just now,really sorry,I like you too much.,Can’t control yourself。”
Let her die again,She has done this extent,Did not let the blue happy will misunderstand,That Blue Xin’s heart,How big is it??
How can she know?,Blue Xin experience too much,For some feelings,She doesn’t dare to misunderstand,Can misunderstand,She will never make misunderstandings,after all,There are not many people around her.,She cherishes every paragraph that they encounter.,love,Family,These she cherished these,And between her and Lu Haocheng,More special feelings,Lan Xin preferred his eyes.,I will try to believe Lu Haozheng as much as possible.。
“go out。”
Lu Haocheng is indifferent,No feeling of feelings,Explanation for Lin Zikai,Do not move。
Lin Zikai knows,I lost today.,She is all inverting stickers.,Lu Hao Chengdu is indifferent,This man,It’s really a name.,She took her around for more than ten years.,People who know that Lu Haozheng will fall in love with someone is a lifetime.。
Because of the clear understanding of this,She is unsatisfactory。
Woman a lifetime, Not making good,But a good marriage。
As long as Lu Hao Cheng and Lan Xin have not married,She still has a chance。
She gets up,Wipe a tears,That crying makeup,Let her look very wolf,“Hao Jun,We will see next time。”
She exposes a gentle smile,I don’t know that she at this moment.,Such a smile has made her a few points.。
Lu Haocheng is eye-catching outside the window,Not talking。
NS675chapter:Charm decline
Lin Zihang looked at Lu Hao Cheng,Seeing that she is also ignored himself,She helplessly sigh,Silently leave。
Just out of the office,I met Blue Xin holding aloe back.。
Blue Xin looks calm,She at this time,Looking at Lin Zikai,Actually there is no hate。
Lin Ziwa high,Watching bluishamn,“Blue Xin,We are walking。”
Finish,She walked toward Lan Xin,When it is shocked by Blue Xin,She touched the shoulders of Blue Xin。