The three people have been killed after being caught.,Injection of some biochemical viruses to three,Let three people do not want to live,Life is gradually lapse。

“bump,bump,bump!”These two strong people directly squatted,Xiao Yun,Three people,One of them is still on the ground。
“stick,There is a kind of killed me!”Xiao Yun opened his eyes,Light red blood,Dead staring at Pu Zheng male and others,I can’t get these people to kill these people.。
“Snapped!”Park Zheng male pushed the front of the house in the cheeks of this Xiaozhu.:“Humble Chinese people,Don’t jeal it here!”
“stick!”Lin You and the two of the two people also opened their eyes,The two are almost crazy.,In the past few days, I looked at the brothers and then a side of the side.,Dedicated in front of them。
“Snapped,Snapped!”Park is a laughter,I have picked them on the face of Lin Youhe and the two people.。
“what!”Lin proud,Army,Xiao Yun Yang Sorrow。
“Don’t try to commit suicide,Otherwise, the body of these comrades will be taken to mince,Dump dumplings to eat,Then take a part to feed the wild dog!”Golden big gun diaphragm test:“I know that your Chinese people most pay attention to,The body was eaten by wild dogs and people.,I am afraid that eternal life will not be super life!”
“I am going to kill you sooner or later.!”
Lin proud,Army,Xiao Yun is unhappy,They have bloody tears。
“Don’t be so excited,Your people have arrived,You can regain freedom。”Park Ji Men’s Wine Test Laughing,He took out a syringe from the sleeves.,The injector is dark in the syringe。
This is a dark liquid。
“But before you leave,I will give you a gift.。”Golden gun is also laughing:“Let you reward new students!”
“you!”Lin Youyou is dead, staring at the syringe in the Pu Zheng male hand.。
“I will know when I was injected.。”Park Zhengnan suddenly,His hand is like lightning,Syringe stabbed to Lin proud neck。
Lin You is not able to avoid。
“Roar!”A fierce called the black night sky,Miserable。
“Lin proud!”
“Lin proud!”
The army and Xiao a gun crazy,Struggle,But not help。
A needle,Lin proud voice gradually weak,Follow the ground,Then the army and Xiao have a fierce sound,The two are all fainted on the ground.。
Park Zhengzhang looked at the big army in the ground,Xiao Yun,Lin proud and others are clear。
“Ha ha……”Park Zhengu,Golden big gun,Gold and silver strong three people are looking at each other,Then I laughed at the same time.。
far away2There is a man standing in the kimi grove.,Men figure tremble,He is full of circle,The tiger flows out of the bloody tears,That hand is holding a telescope。
“Ah, ah.!”Men’s sorrow and indignation:“kill!”
“Big flying brother,Take us with us.,We fight。”A face behind a man is sad and angry。
“Big flying brother,Take us with us.,perish together!”Another man crying,He licks his eyes with his hands.,Tears can’t help but flow from his face。
“Big flying brother,We are willing to die,I don’t want to live in the world.!”Several other men have invited a battle。
This man who has become a big flying brother is a big flight.,Big flying took a person to escape inside the lines in the line.,Then the people in this primitive forest and the sticks in the jungle fight。
“kill!”Looking at the night’s void faint road:“Bros,superior,We are reincarnation brigades,We always have a round return.!”
“Yes!”Huang Mao and others immediately followed the flying away.,Now there is only ten people left with the members of the big flight.。
The big fly took the ghosts like the night, and lurked to the station of Park Zheng male and others.,Just at 500 meters from the station,Dadi suddenly stopped,He picked up the glasses looking at the dark night sky。
“Big flying brother,They have come again.,Do we want to make them all over?!”Huang Mao’s road,His hands holding a bag of explosives,These explosives have100MultikP,This is the explosives they used to be buried in the original forest.,It is also their last weapon.。
NS361chapter Dark city overbearing
“can not,This is the people in the dark city!”Great Flying Face Micro Change:“We can’t provoke them,Once the people around us will encounter a slaughter!”Datai saw this plane printed on a special sign。
A black castle。