Enter the selection interface,Palace Qingwen has some unexpected discovery,I have no match to the primaryADPosition,Instead, it is matched to the vice selection.。

“Do you want to play wild??Not not,I am too lazy to play.。”
Whispered in my heart,Palace Qingwen facing the audience of the live broadcast:“Then, since we match to the wild,I will give you a whole wild clown teaching office.。”
Palace clear voice,The barrage in the anchor is brush.。
“Anchor,Hello youadgo。”
“really,Would you like to change a position?,It’s really no second.。”
“It’s not good to play wild.,But the hopper clown of Hanbok Master King,Archive, do you really do it??”
The palace is laughing。
“Ok,I don’t know how to play.。”
then,Questioning with the audience in the anchor,Palace Qingwen officially entered the teaching bureau of this clown。
game time5minute。
“Here you will put a box first,This blind flash is about one minute.,Opposite to the wild is now under construction,So he will wait to run here.。”
as predicted,When the enemy is panicked, the escape,I hit a fearless box that had already been waiting for a long time.。
game time13minute。
“This existing flash has been turned.,I will wait for him to catch him.,Our auxiliary this wave will come over,So his big probability will flash above,So here to put a box first。”
It is completely expected to be in the palace.,The enemy is directly flashing in the box.,Even no deviation。
finally,This game29Minute end,The final record of the devil clown is13–2–9。
And live room at this time,The barrage has been completely changed。
“each……Allocate,can……Can you help me first to report a policeman??”
“Anly……or,I am helping you.,I will go to the police station to help you prepare a case.。”
“Brothers who have a policeman work in the live broadcast??Help me check that there is a case in this way?。”
The palace clearly looked at these people in the barrage.。
Of course, you know that these brands are joking.,Also know that these words are the best praise for a clown player.。
Chapter 33 It’s a big smart
Palace Qing Wen is broadcast like this,Chatting on the sky。unconsciously,Time has passed for two and a half hours。
Just once againrank,Think about it,Palace Qingwen still decided to turn around,This side of the game is watching the playback method。
Although it is very attractive,But there is still a certain impact on your own game status.,It’s almost two or three hours.。
“Um……Today’s live broadcast is here.,I have to go seriously.。”
“This is not that you are willing to see the problem I don’t talk.,This live broadcast is a lot.,At the time of the training, I will concentrate.,This is worth you.,Also worthy of my own live mode。”
Say,Palace clearly closes the live broadcast,Just click to start matching,The door of the training room is suddenly pushed away.。
The first reaction of the palace clear is to read the time on a computer screen.,In the afternoon4point。
This time,It should not be someone in order to,After all, the queue time is 9:30 in the evening.。
Some strangely put the line of sight to the door,IGYMost of the players before going out,Then directly around the Palace Qingwen。
Unreasonable,Palace clear text suddenly remembered a idiom:A big man。
“Uh……How come you come back??Time is still early。”
Some nervous cough,For these people completely different serious expressions,The palace is inexplicably。