It surprised me that,Goodbye after 18 years,Others are people。

Maybe his appearance,That is to let yourself die,That waver is uncomfortable,Renew。
When the six half-step infants appear in front of the temple,Master Taibang,Slow down from the open door。
“Royalistant。Your good day is here.。”
“Humph!You have gone through the evil gates,I will be retribution sooner or later.。”
Then a sword stab。
But she is seriously injured,This sword is flat。
Easy to block。
One foot is stepping on the ground,The wolf is rolling in dozens of laps.。
“Today, you can’t die this woman.,Survival is even more。”
Half-step Yuan Ying Wrunes, the landsate and shoulders that are too exposed.。
“Such a beautiful person is so dead.。”
The teacher is climbing up,Hit the sword,Angry staring in the face。
Even if you can’t be insulted by them。
Preparing to do your hands。
The sword has been pulled up.。
But you can’t cut down。
Surprisingly looked up,Seeing the forest standing in the air。
Do not know why,After seeing him,Heartfully。
“how?I can’t do it.?”
The face and its wretched half-step yuan baby see the teacher too unhappy,得意的大笑起来。