Singing,Isn’t it just now in the future??

What is so rare??
The heart is like something is in the torn bite.,It’s hurting, you can’t shout.。If this war is winning,When they return to Jinyang,The family will not die.?
There is a small news that the military food sent by Tang Yu,It is a kind of kinds of food used to cultivate home in the middle of the year.。There is no food now.,What should I do in the future??
A strain,Grief,pain,Remorseful atmosphere,Diffuse in the big camp。at this time,Even a lot will come back to the taste,Know people who sing in the dark,It must be a Gao Boyi to mess with,It is also feelingless at this moment.。
Because of the anger。
More because he follows the 20th,Not a“class”。
Lifetime,It is a good thing to do their families.。
Trafficking in military food,Similarly, with their family。
As for the case of preventing locusts, they have no ability to deal with,Below the anger,Will burn them on them。
at this time,You should call a sentence that you want to kill the darkness, how do you think about the soldiers??
It’s possible under irger.!
At the Xixiang’s compiler of the six towns, the direction of the songs that came to the songs at this time lost the focal length.。He seems to be taken away with the soul, like a wood.。
Recommendation,\mum\mum\read\app\\Really good,Worthwhile,After all, you can cache read books.,Outline!
If it is not a dead unable to stand,The alliances thought that he had died and it was dead.!
Duan Yucheng did not say a double-eyed,Just like this, I didn’t know how to live on the ground.。
“Large manager!”
“Large manager!”
“Large manager!What is it?,Go to the doctor!”
Handsome account near the chaotic!
at this time,There are no one to pursue those who have singed outside.。Duan Yu is the main heart of Jinyang Liu Town, he is faint, I am afraid that the situation is not very good.!
A time after a time,Duan Yue is moving“Wow”I spit a blood and thoroughly wake up.。
“Large manager,How are you?。”
Modeo, I’m looking at the night attack on Duan Yao.,If he went,Dragonfly,I am afraid that I will be smashed into a meat.!
“I am fine.!”
Duan Zhao lightly swayed,He looks now,Just don’t have any difference with those whisks.,Hair beard is all whitening,Even a lot of wrinkles on your face。
It is difficult to let him connect him with the intensive wind and province.。
“How is the big camp now??”
“It’s not bad,but”
Modeo said in the words,Want to say。
“However, the morale is low,Right?”
Duan Yue squeezed a hard laugh。