But well known,Night“Loli”This biological tolerance,It is simplyaxLevel!

“What else is there?,I can help me help you.。”
Night stretch out your right hand,Show the head and kill Dafa,Try to calm the fearful Loli calm down。
“Thank you for your kindness,Fina does not need money,Just ask for adults to pay together Fina’s brother sister。”
Loli, seventh year old,Why is it going to work?,It is complete because of more young sisters。
Fina is also a civilian family.,But my father doesn’t go back because I was recruited.,And the mother’s hit of multiple pressure,It is also overwhelmed and sick。
So take care of your younger brother,As you have a Fina that is only eight years old.。
Looking at the front of the short,That is the body but unusual Loli,Night seems to be on him,I saw the shadow of the Dragon Rolls.
This is two sisters of his other world.,They are also carrying all the young bodies.,Take care of young brothers。
“grown ups,Is it difficult for you??If you can’t, it doesn’t matter.,I only hope that adults can give Fina for Fina every day.,Let Fina’s younger sister,Not hungry”
Looking at the gods of the god,Xiaoli still thought that the night is dissatisfied,The tone has also become only the only Note。
“Do not,I promised your request.,No matter how many younger brother you have,I have recently received it.。
And more than their life needs,I will also teach you to know and teach you martial arts.!”
Look at the little Loli in front of the inner,Night, I only love each other.
Chapter 361 Andro·Night!
After leaving the pub,Night, Na Jie Tan, don’t,After all, the latter is a general army.,There is also a bunch of affairs to handle。
As for the night, he follows Fina,Come to her home,Ready to take her brother sister。
Saying is the residence,In fact, it is the most dirty area of the empire.,Broken wooden house with several broken plates。
This kind of building is saying that the wind is soaking.,Scrape a little bigger,Wooden board“呀 吱呀”Sound,Safety problem is really worrying。
“elder sister,Are you back??”
It seems to be heard outside is moving.,Little boy in a golden broken hair,Run from the shabby wooden house。
But when he saw,Appearing in front of him,Not a familiar sister,But when a strange man,The little boy is also panicked.。
Not good enough to get out of Fina from the night of the night,Little boy sees familiar sister,Talented。
“Philippine,This is the night of the night.,Adults not only promise us,Will we work!”
Fina is quite happy,She feels that today should be since her mother,The best lucky day。
“elder sister,How can you believe others?,I heard that many nobles are metamorphosis,They like to deceive children to their own houses,Then”
“Take it?,Night adult is a good person,He saved me twice.”
Philippine although the age is 1 year old,But it looks more mature,At this time, I am from my own sister.,Sneakbling ears。
Although they are very small,But the night is still completely heard.。
I heard the suspicion of the little fart.,Night can’t help but say a little funny:“Most of those nobles are metamorphosis,I don’t deny this.,But I am not such a guy.。”
I saw two seemingly whispered.,A face panickey,Night still keeps a smile。