Han Tianlong called people around:“How long have they been out?”

The people around looked at Han Tianlong,Answered honestly。
“I’ve been out for about half an hour。”
Half an hour,But still no news。
at this point,how to think,How do people feel,Such a thing,Actually it’s a little strange。
And the people around,Rather curious。
These ones,what’s going on?
slowly,When those people around,They all looked in front of them。
The more so,Actually looking at all this。
At this moment,Han Tianlong said:“Go see。”
Han Tianlong said,The people around you contacted immediately。
But the phone call,But no one answered。
at this point,It really made Han Tianlong feel,Such a problem,In fact, in essence,It makes people feel very touching。
And see here,In the hearts of these people,Actually, I’m still a little worried。
I won’t say anything else for now。
When Han Tianlong looks at these things,Now,Han Tianlong is very casual。
“All right,Actually now,For the time being, I will not worry about these details.。”
“Now that everyone is ready,Then next,You should know,What to do?”
When Han Tianlong saw these,This moment,Han Tianlong is very direct。