“Our team is a good disciple in the door.,Everyone is working hard,Repair is not low,Haven’t you think of doing something big??”

“For example?”
“Xiao Shi is entry,Pull,Known as a new show,Even the head people think that he will become a leader in the sword.。Today, Xiao Shi is alone again.,Not……”
“You want him to go out?”
“Yes,You don’t want to?”
“But with bullying and sneak attack,Fight is not very good。”
The person’s tone is cold.:“I know where Xiao Shi is now,The chasing butterfly in my family is following him.。Do you want to do something?,One sentence。”
Silenced a small party。
“it is good,Let’s go together。”
The rest follows the attached,Talk vocal,This group of people gradually walked away.。
Yan Zhi heard the end,No omissions,Look serious。
Xie Wei wants to say。
He knows that Yan Zhi’s love of Xiao Yao,Even if you don’t know the outside the front,Today’s first round,“The teacher is stringing for love.”This cognition has been firm in his heart.,He is very worried about that Yan Zhi listened to these people.,I can’t help but go out.。
Xie Wei advised:“Yanshi sister,You are still hurt,Don’t impuls too much。”
Yan Zhi quickly converges the expression,I thought that I would find this group of people to go to the pit.,Positive color,“I will not impulsive,do not worry。”
Thank you nodded,The eyes are obvious。
No moment,枝 便:“Xie Shi,Lonely men’s widow is not very convenient,I suddenly thought of another hiding place,I go first,I will leave you here.,Again。”
Xie Wei looked at her eyes filled with unexpected and difficult movements.:“Yanshi sister,although……But you want to leave,Go.。”
Lonely male widow, this kind of break,Even Xie Wei is moving, throwing your mind, will not believe——And don’t say this is a nonsense,When I just hide together,How did the teacher sister did not think of a lonely male?,Instead, I maybe it may be difficult to hear Xiao Shi brothers.,Rapida thought?
This,It is the true feelings of the legendary lungs.!
Xie Wei, trying to let himself down tears,Want to send the 枝 英勇 无畏 身 身。
Yan Zhi only felt that there was a cool back.,Think of Xie Zhufang’s burning gaze,Heartbead:Is it too bad??I have exposed?
But I want to think about it,Her cannon fodder is used to be used by male land.,It was found to be more personal,Convenient,Yan Zhun suddenly relieved。
The branch is very fast,Follow the direction of the square,Discovering these people are the disciples of the month。
The northern element of the month of the peak is not very old and young.,No wonder they play the idea of making Xiao Yao out。Low old door,It is the best of Xiao Yao,Inadvertently。
She is not approaching too close,Waiting far away,By the way in the process of the Middle East,Survey terrain suggesting traps。
This group of people is clear,I found Xiao Johi in a small waterfall.。
Xiao Yao is wipeling the Sword。
“Xiao Shi。”
Leaders shouted,There is no hiding in the sound.。
Xiao Yixian did not stop,Silently lift your eyes。
He does not respond immediately,There is no special manifestation,However, this too calm attitude is undoubtedly stimulated by some people.。
Leader makes a eye,The rest of the people immediately,Block Xiao Jo’s way,A bundle ring。
“Xiao Shi,I will smell your genius,Today is rare,Please ask you to enlighten me。”
4. Chapter Four
Yan Zhi went around on the other when they started.,Diligently put down the trap,No waste is half a time。
Waiting for her,Sure enough, this group is still embarrassing Xiao Yao。