But the words have been exported,Can only barely smile,“That line,Together。”Said that I looked again in front of the mall.,Swallow,“so high。”

“Not high,Only 25 layers。”Luo Qianjin did not understand the intention of summer,“China’s American trade is one of the largest shopping malls in Qinghai,Do you have anything?。”
Summer can only be laughing in your heart。
If there is a possibility,He really doesn’t want to go shopping with women.。
Because the woman went around,Can describe it at all crazy。
Recently,He was grated by Xia Xue three days.……He still remember,The two seem to have come to this Maritime Shopping Mall.,From a 25th floor,Troubled in the summer at the time。
Thoughts,Two people walk into the mall,A hustle and bustle and feelings。
Previous time,Summer once and Xia Xue came once,I know that the goods in this almost have。
Various domestic and http://www.manfully.cn foreign boutique clothing,perfume,gift,Jewelry,mobile phone,Electrical appliance……As long as there is money,No items you can’t afford。
“What do you want to buy?”Summer question。
“My perfume is running quickly,Ready to buy a few bottles,And you?”
Summer this person has a problem,That is the mouth,Sometimes he can’t help himself.。
Now now,Luo Qianjin just asked,He has bare her brain,Under the expiration,“I am going to buy a good phone.,correct,How much is your mobile phone?,I bought one,At least it is very clear。”
This sentence,Luo Qianjin’s doll is suddenly joined,Harcy, glanced at him,“Downstream!”
“Depend on!”Summer neck,“How do I buy a mobile phone?,Where have you flow?。”
Luo Qianjin full red,Turning to the perfume monopoly area。
“Xiao Guo,Give a greeting guest,Here I will come http://www.caihlj.cn here.。”
See Luo Qianjin,A shopping guide, she immediately shouted a sentence。
It is worth mentioning that,She shouted Miss Miss is warm for a pair of little couples.,From time to time, you will praise women’s body and look.。
Look like,That couple seems to be very movement,Just a little bit,You can get a pneumatic commission。
Sound,This name is Xiao Guo’s shopping guide Miss slightly,Turnthet。
But she quickly recovered smile,Drop the couple apologize,Note from the previous shopping guide,“OK,Wang Jie。”
Wang Jie’s face with a smile,Laodo,Re-introduction,The smile on the face is like a chrysanthemum in bloom.。
Click one’s tongue。
Summer is dark。This is a grab performance of the eyesight.。
NS224chapter Anger
obviously,The shopping guide called King is an old qualification.。
And Xiao Guo, who is going to Luo Qian, is very young.,It is also ten years old.。
Old qualification to grab new people……This kind of thing is too common in the mall.。
“Miss Hello,Do you want to see perfume??”
Xiao Guo’s smile is somewhat reluctant,But still keep etiquette,Polite inquiry。
Just a scene,Luo Qianjin naturally saw,Just 黛 微 微 蹙 蹙,I didn’t say anything.。
But the summer is open.,“You are college students?”
“Uh……”Xiao Guo Yi,I nodded bitterly.,“I am part-time here.。”