Getting up and discovered that the sun rose,One day, there is a good mood first.。

Hurry and hard to eat noodles,Pork liver egg skin with green pepper,Chen Linzhi opened Ferrari to the company。
Due to his private equity,Currently traded through agents,So the procedure process is quite convenient,Buying and selling these phones can get。
Chen Linzhi tied to several employees who were working in advance,Let them pay a few small leveraged orders as soon as possible,Candle the funds with reflow,Continue to buy the annity futures contract。
Bulls to buy,Holding the appreciation in the hand,As for the viewing, it is another set of processes.,Mainly selling in advance,After the fall, buy it back to the position.。
Soon this order,Total a total of more than one hundred million dollars,Sharp approximately a contract amount equivalent to 300 million US dollars,I want to add a big guarantee.,Solve uncontrollable breach risk,Chen Linzhi account for more than $ 500,000 US dollars,just in case。
This is already gambling,Hold a daily circular futures contract worth nearly 300 million US dollars,Even a little small wave,It is possible to inspire system forced closing。
Usually exchange rate fluctuations are generally small,But the situation is special,As long as the day is depreciated in more than about 8%,It means that Chen Linzhi has a total of more than 2 million US dollars.,Today, the day of the day has been rapidly rising。
Chen Linzhi chased,Remnors are particularly nervous。
His helpers also followed,Calculated with current income,They have to work for two hundred years to earn so much money.。
I often listen to who who play futures,Human money is the same as the wind,Chen Linzhi truly engaged in so many contracts,I found that the psychological pressure brought is not a general,Being in the active time period of the transaction,He went to the bathroom.,More than 60,000 US dollars are gone。
Employees are busy understanding details,Chen Linzhi went to the office of the downstairs trading company,Call the public accounting,I will leave it tomorrow morning.,San Francisco and Hong Kong City have been divided into sixteen hours,Hong Kong City is in the middle of the night。
Estimated branch accounting has already awkward dogs,Whoever has been woken up by the boss in the evening?,Will feel comfortable in my heart?
The foreign exchange futures market has no smoke,But killing people everywhere,Light is this shock,It is enough to make countless speculators to force the position,I haven’t lost my trousers.。
Compared with certain capital giants,Chen Linzhi switched in the money, I can’t talk more.,Wall Street Some traders can play hundreds of millions of dollars,That’s really awesome,Thousands of fluctuations involved 10 million,And even tens of millions of dollars。
Chen Linzhi’s own money limited,Stained in the retail, it is not bad.,Compared with big households。
Real-time quotation is addictive,It seems that I am opening a card.,Straight resistance before the computer,I don’t want to do anything.,Watch the latest exchange rate quote。
Waiting for more than 10 o’clock in the West Coast,Chen Linzhi has no more than 20 million US dollars,This made his employees began to blame the head.,Trying to pull back the battle to recover the loss。
Chen Linzhi doesn’t think so,Since the five-country handling of the dollar exchange rate,Almost become the staples on the board,Everyone can see the dollar will fall,Foreign currency will rise。
He feels slow down like a resilience to absorb chips,The amount of foreign transactions today is amazing today.,Explain that countless funds are pouring。
Eyes stare at more than $ 200 million in the morning,Chen Linzhi is not satisfied with two hundred times lever,Beginning to make people use more than $ 500,000,Buy four hundred times more annity,Can be short-term。
Forex futures market,Leverage is not the focus,Take advantage of how many principal,How much fund is put。
Chen Linzhi’s approach is equal to full position.,Even his hander’s traders,It’s just in suicide.,In case,Unable to replenish the low price。
Listening to them, you have to calm,Chen Linzhi is expressing it doesn’t matter,Tell me the evening of today’s local time,More than 3 million to enter the company account,If you need more, you can get more。
And many newcomers who have just learned to gamble,Chen Linzhi is difficult to calm。
He only knows the big trend of the day.,People mention the future of the real estate bubble,Go around《Square agreement》This beginning,But how short it is in the short term,Chen Linzhi smashed like others,Refer to luck to gamble。
Good luck,Have the opportunity to rank among people。
But if the luck is back,It is likely not to support the agreement officially signed,Chen Linzhi has been bankrupt because of two or three dramatic fluctuations。
After thinking about this,He is secretly drawing the line,Up to 3 million dollars。
I don’t think I can’t make it.,Direct wall,Husband is really going back,Step by step,Scholars’ family stocks stabilized。