“Not urgent。”

After ten minutes later,I am busy with my recycling work.。
Paint black abyss,Hands with umbrellas in the hand,After the injection energy becomes gossip,The stone wall in front of the front is cracking,After a soft light is full of two people standing。
“Let it go。”
Take the head to the cave,After deep into the 100 meter, it is a huge space.。
The center of the space has a huge milky white stone in the middle of the air,Intiman,Curious:“I thought that the world stone is a small stone.,I didn’t expect it to be so big.”
Two steps in front of it,Going to the world’s stone slowly said:“World stone does not have a fixed form,This can only say that the core of our world is like this.。”
Huge milky white stone spreads green vine with root,Caden vines like neon lights,Not suitable for flashing,What seems to be absorbed?。
“in this world,Everyone wants to live。”Nating,“The world also wants to live,It is just that the pressure of the collapse is getting bigger and bigger.,Let it independently aggregate。”
“When the world is completely destroyed,This core will come to any place with the flow of the quantum,From a relatively stable place, it will ran out again.,A new world。”
“certainly,It is also possible to be obtained,Turn it into tools,Or part of the strength”
“Don’t say these,let us start。”I shake my head,No longer say more。
World stone is here,Of course, it is impossible to let Hanjiang have no preparation.,It has to explode Han Jiang.。
Baspering and Xiao Yun began to arrange various array,Make the speed of the world’s stone release energy,Conditions to Hanjiang can fuse。
Determine in the hands of them appeared in their two,Some falls above the wall,Some falling on the world。
Just these,The two are busy with three days and three nights.。
Hanjiang as a person in the world,Will be part of the world stone,Erosion that is resistant to collapse after blending the world stone,Never prepare more。
Three days,Han Jiang has already rested well.,It’s just that energy is exhausted.,There is no internal injury。
The master army in several countries did not evaciate,I still want to find a chance to go to the Bar Neckh.。
Unfortunately, it is just a side of it.,The little daughter with Xiaojia is not seen.。
Xiao Jia is poured, there is there a lot,Xiao Tai Biyin, broke the legs,The parties received by all parties http://www.shikejin.cn have been much more than the previous day.。
“Bother,back to normal?”
Chaos,Poor bodies fell to the ground,Side of the soldiers who have two standard teams next to them,Han Jiang is standing on a big stone.,I am thinking about how to take the poor core.。
Han Jiang turned his head,Laugh:“Are you going in these days??”
A few days, don’t see,Xiao Yun seems to be more water.,Sunshine irradiation under the skin is light,The breath is powerful。
World Stone is the strength of the whole world,Xiao Yun is an indigenous thing about this world.,I have a lot of benefits when I stay next to it.。
Xiao Yun said long sighed,Say:“Caught by Bifige as a labor,Your business can handle it in a few days.。”
“Hey,What are you staring at the poor?,Is this guy who are dead??”
Han Jiang looked up at the poor:“I want to get http://www.jsdongshang.cn my core。”
The murderous beast is a fairy,This is a consensus,Even Han Jiang is so thinking。
He can’t believe,I feel temporarily realized that a few distresses of the swordsman can be destroyed.。
Since it is bifige,Nell is the bisitable thing,Han Jiang took the core equal to theft,So I have to take the gods don’t know.。
“I want to be,Anyway, we haven’t used it too much.。”
Xiao Yun said very easy,Can be the core of the trial-level collapse,As long as you can resist corrugation in the core,Then it will create aALevel female Wushen should not be a big problem。
Although this era is backward,The core is still the goal of all parties。
That is, I’m hilarious.,So even if it is a national royal family, I didn’t dare to say how to distribute poor.。
Han Jiang is a bit difficult,“Not so good,After all, it http://www.googlewatch.cn is a red hand.,Need to pass her consent。”