Chapter 335 Walking around

Water column is huge,I haven’t stopped after rushing into the mountain.,I don’t know how many rocks have been broken, I haven’t been my strength.。
Hanjiang heart is awkward,If you don’t avoid it in time,I may be cut by this waterpum.。
“Ding,Gay,Integrate into the Qiankun gossip,Increasing attack5”
System prompt sound,Han Jiang saw the 八坤 八 卦 八 八 八 八 下 亮 一 下。
But Hanjiang’s current position is dry,Wood card combination is also a,Han Jiang also thought that he would not happen.,The result of my first,What is it?。
next moment,Big knife team is located in the direction of the gas bears,The injured younger brother avoided,One arm is directly burned。
Mean,The flame from the platform only burns the man’s arm,Instantly disappear。
“Ding,Gain,Integrate into the Qiankun gossip,Increasing attack5。”
After two attacks,At the foot platform rotates again。 The platform represents the position of the position on the platform to return to the previous feet。
There is no change in the right wooden card in the grades.,The error is emitted in the sky,Then fall。
One round,Han Jiang’s 位 correct,Cheng Li Xue’s two is correct,Others have a mistake。
“Um,Is the danger random??”Chen Tianwu whispered a sentence。
Previously inlaid wooden sign,He is deliberately mistaken,Already ready to deal with unknown dangers,Who knows that Han Jiang and the hegemony have been disaster。
“Big brother,let’s go,This organ is too strange!”The hegemony of the knife shouted with the broken arm。
Others are also persuading knives and hurry,Don’t talk to this group of people.,At that time, the slag slag can not be caught.。
Overal knife looks at others,Looks very tangled。
This is the door.,Just in the remains, you can sell a good price in the destiny or inverse entropy.。
Can he come to eight people,When you see the door, you will have five people.,Now there is another one of the arm.。
If you don’t fish again……
“Full is the king of mercenary,Chen Tianwu is likely to subvert a thousand punches in one hand.,Litaro Vider is a lifesLevel female Wushen,Big brother,We withdraw,Not shameless!”
After a struggle,Bastroke selection leave。
“we are leaving,This place is not what we can participate in.!”After the hegemony throws a sentence,Leave with your younger brother。
Hegemony,A long lightening in front of him,The dagger in a feathered style falls in his feet.。
Han Jiang and Drougra oppose eyes,Hanjiang open mouth:“Can,Stuff。”
“There is also you。”This sentence is to the cat.。
If placed in us,Let Han Jiang and Cheng Lihui hit these mercenaries,I still want to go?
It’s just to deal with the Audovs and Lita, there is not so much hard work.,The female weapon of the periphery also has the task,Need to be careful to prevent the world snake and life also have hidden people,Be unable to dispatch。
Cool sweat appears on the hegemony,His movement of the wooden sign is very small.,There is also the younger brother covering,I didn’t expect this to be discovered.。
“Allocate,Excuse me,Excuse me,I almost forgot.,This is the key to opening the door.,I wanted to be a commemoration.,I……”
“Too much nonsense。”Full word,The knife hurriedly put two wooden cards on the ground,Take the younger brother。
Hanjiang’s eyes have fallen in the rumor of the cat,薮 cat is a sound,Put down the wooden sign,Turning into the jungle。
“continue。”Two people behind,Han Jiang and Cheng Lixue stationed in their position。
Han Jiang and Cheng Lixue exchanged the wooden sign,Put the correct yin and yang into the groove,Stereo surrounding female voice continues,Remind everyone to only 30 seconds。
This fire and Rita are all standing in place.。