do not forget,Thousands of people are reflected in the level,More than a small level,A large level。

Even this can’t win。
The rear of Song Tian Long is not asking,Just look at the expression。
This is a conventional rule。
The last genius disciple is arrogant,Every time you enter the ban,This scene is almost less。
Let these guards hinder these genius,Let their mentality is peaceful。
At this time,The male repair department headed is coming out.,“All right,Let’s stop this.,You can go in.。”
Though,The look is so disdainful。
The rest of the guard is also a despise gesture cold and eye-catching everyone.。
This makes twenty disciples can’t stand it.。
Many of them looked at the summer、Lin Feng、Fish rightwest three people,I hope they can lead to these guards.。
Lin Feng is somewhat eager to try,He is not a face,It is completely the mentality of hunting heart.。
But just at this time,Songtian Long’s old face,Hurry and drink Lin Feng。
At the same time, I also sent to summer and fish right.,Let them do not shoot。
After thousands of years,In all elders,summer、Lin Feng、Fish right is a file,The rest of the person is a file。
The three people have made a law.,Fully surpass someone else。
If they do three shots,These guards can’t stop。
Moreover,Let these guards,It is in order to setback the sharpness of the top 20 disciples.。
If they have won three,Everything is in full。
Lin Feng has some regret,Shake the shaking head。
Next,Everyone stepped to follow Song Tian,Entering within the valley of foggy。
All the way,Some dull atmosphere。
Half half,Lu Quan suddenly slammed into the ground,Anger,“Waiting for me to accept blood inheritance,Sustained report of the hatred today!”
Yang Lin also attached,“right,Brother,Afterhand,We share together,Repair those guys。”
Two people open,Many people attached。
Thousands of and land are defeated,Everyone feels the same。
But not discouraged,It is a feeling of angry。
The reason why the genius is genius,Where is it easier to be blown?。
How long does this valley don’t know how long?,Founded around the mist。
Flowerflowers,Lush vegetation,It’s like a hole in the sky.。
Take a long time,An extremely steep cliff appears in front,Inverting horizon,Can’t see the end。
On the cliff,Flow a colorful character,Extraordinary。
A whole piece of huge rock walls on the sky,All is this mysterious colorful,Even can’t take long-lasting,It seems like a world。
Songtian Long stopped the footsteps。
“I can only send you here.,I will take out the respective godlings.,Bother oneself,Prohibition from the cliff。”
He pointed to the colorful light of the cliff,Also,“Self-cultivation,There are two inside and outside,The inner layer is the core area,God’s soul records your pass qualification,Popular disciple……”
He also looked at the summer eight people,“You can enter the core area yourself.,remaining people,Can only be outside。”
Everyone should immediately,Looking to the colorful light of the cliff,All jumps。