Even if I have an economic snake who has never advisable?,Will not make things that easily destroy certain medium-sized organizations。

After all, a few major organizations have so much hand.,Will not make people who are unfavorable to be unfavorable in an important part of anti-collapse。
Walter and Ai Minstan also clear the nature of Hanjiang,If he really wants to be with the rest of the consequences,The William of our organization has long been dead.。
And the two also clear,Luolian said that Hanjiang is,In fact, the most worrying is true。
After all, Hanjiang is looking for in Anna to retaliate.,And Chen Tianwu has become unfair.,Han Jiang is impossible to take human life.。
But inquihood is different,She is really hitting it once.。
This action is important,The super strong people like Huhua did not reason, no reason。
If the French is in the middle,That……
End of the two parties,Walt promises that Hanjiang will not mess with,Fuhua will not participate in this task,Luolian is just a breather。
In addition to the law,They also talk about the things about Huberian。
The fire is in the intelligence on Houburyian.AILove sauce,That is the fired moth,So to the cost of spending,It is best to pick love sauce.。
But Walter biting,Houbury is the east branch,They have no right to ask。
If you are really interested,Can find the leader of the East Branch of De Lisa。
Hearing this, the heart of Luolian is half a cold.。
The top of the Plus branch is the name development of reverse entropy,But not inverse entropy control。
Biased Huhua or the students there,This makes them to exchange with Poland,Basically, it is necessary to break this idea.。
As for why this is so important to love sauce,Walter and Ai Minstan guess what?,But there is no challenging。
Cooperation with the fire is certainly more than this time,So Walter and Ai Minstan http://www.scgcsl.cn try to give more than a good fire.,Facing the future plan can be carried out smoothly。
Reverse entropy headquarters is busy continuing to transform Hubelia,Han Jiang and Fuhua quietly returned to Santa Feria School。
“You come back.!”Come and welcome De Lisa。
Han Jiangd Lisa looked at a few eyes,Ask:“Teacher Ji?”
This time,De Lisa’s two steps of the arm of Hanjiang。
“Take you, but I am,How did you come back and ask Giji to run?,Can’t you care about me??”
“what?”Han Jiang is surprised,Directly look forward,Ask:“It turned out that De Lisa is also.,Excuse me,I just didn’t pay attention。”
“Humph!”De Lisa handed one hand in Han Jiangyi:“How much is it?,Seeing that I don’t have to smash you.!”
Ji is vacation today,Drink a big wine in the dormitory。
Wenyi exercises in training。
I used to have http://www.jvshang.cn the power to master the rhythm of the wind.,But now it is different.。
San Feria’s high knowledge talent is not a small number,Ji Zi and De Lisa personally guide the Wen Tim’s France。
Originally the genius girl,Now the power soaring。