After all, there is a thing before.,The board of directors is also unclear attitude,Her heart is inevitably worried。

The next morning,Gu Xihong and Lin Dami are ready to go to the hospital for breakfast.。
Gu Yi Lin went to the company,Gu Yi sent them two old hospitals。
Blue Xin took a little early in the morning.,You can go back to rest at noon.。
But,at this time,In the ward,Lu Hao Cheng and Lan Xin were also very eye-catching to each other.。
Blue Xin angered:“Lu Hao Cheng,You bastard。”
last night,Originally asleep, Lu Hao Cheng,I climbed over her side in the middle of the night.,The next morning,An open eyes,A magnificent handsome,Distance from yourself,She was shocked at the time.。
Lu Haocheng smiled and stared at her.,Evil spirits:“Blue,I only brought to you。”
“you”Blue Xinqiu,“You can’t get it.?”
Who will tell her?,How is this Lu HaoCheng?,Last time,She is a nightmare,He is very painful,She endured,But this time,Lu Hao Cheng is clearly intentionally。
She woke up,I doubt that he is deliberate。
Lu Haocheng changed a posture,Watching her gaze,Smile:“Blue,I dont want you to go。”
He suddenly found,Blue is not wanting to accept him,But she is in a state of suffering from her feelings.。

Is it hurt in seven years ago??He observed for a while,Waiting for the right opportunity,He has to tell blue blue seven years ago.。
Blue Xin glanced at him hatefully,If you still have a little bit,She must rushed over,Give him a few punches。
Because of his evil smile,It’s too big.。
Blue Xin wants to be more,Can find,The more you say it, the more you are,It’s just that it’s going to die.,She feels that she is like a flower that is destroyed by him in a windy rain.,As long as he wants,Can be devastated at any time。
Blue Xin’s heart,I have a belly,But you can’t say anything.。
Her mood is inexplicably unpleasant。
Blue Hin is some grievances。
Lu Hao Cheng suddenly asked:“Blue,What do you think now??”
“what?”Blue Xin is a little confused.。
Lu Haozheng smiled like a spring breeze,“Blue,I am saying Gu Bu.,Her people are not bad,I care about my family,Old people are different,She does not allow outsiders to bully her family。at this point,She has always been like this。”
Blue Xinyi,Slightly lip,For this matter,She didn’t think about what to do.?
at first,She just wants to find her own parents,I want to know that they have a good time.?
I know that they have been very good.,Her heart has always been persistent,In fact, it has already been put down.。
She looked looked at him.,“I haven’t thought about it yet.!”
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Hoe:“Blue,these years,They are all looking for you,Especially your father,You know Gu’s,How many parent-child identification??Your father is looking for you,Just look at the girl with you with similar,He will find the law to get the hair to do parent-child identification.,He never stopped looking for you these years.,just like me,I have never stopped looking for you.。”
Blue Xin listen this,Inexplicable sadness,Suddenly remember,When I saw my father for the first time.,She asked her to contact information.,Second time,His eyes are also urgent。
Lu Haocheng looked at her changing changes,He said:“Blue,Gu Boyi has been looking for you in these years.,Have a lot of bitterness。”
Blue Xin still doesn’t speak,Quietly sitting quietly。
suddenly,Sitting Lu Haoheng stood up,Look at the door。
“Gu Bo,Gu Boyu,How come you come?”Lu Haocheng faintly。
Gu Xihong smiled:“Hao Jun,We get breakfast in the morning.,Give you and blue,Blue-blue likes to drink ribs porridge,I have some coming.,I remember that you also like to eat.,Eat more。”
Lu Haocheng looked at him slightly.,Temperature temperature and:“Thank you uncle。”