Taishan Feng Zen,Both are full of local officials,Wear a new official robe one by one,Stand up,look steadily forward。

Not far from the front is the temple.,Feng Tian Road,Just start here。
only,Gao Baoyi walking behind the high ocean,There is no kind of sacred feeling,Instead, I feel a little funny.。
Speak,That is, it is very particular。Can fool others,But you can’t just fudge yourself.。
I heard that the Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty was sealed in Taishan.,I heard the mountain shouting“Long live”!This is a great name in history.“Mountain”,It is also the origin of the end of the emperor.。
As for it is true,Oh, I can summarize the word.。
When did you see there?“Long live”Emperor?Don’t say long live,Be a hundred years old,Also。Emperor Emperor Qianlong lived89age,Already a horrible。
As for the life103Aged Zhao Wei,A long time,Who knows is true or false?
Where is the long-lived person?,Long-year-old Dynasty?Died,Stay at night,Historical wheel rolling forward,Will not be placed in anyone’s will。
Think here,Gao Baoyi’s mouth does not help but a bruises。
It seems to feel that Gao Baoyi inner disdain,Ignoring others,Gao Yang is not Yue Road:“Nine,This dressing is like,You don’t mind loading,Do you have any opinions??”
“Ministers don’t dare。”
“That is there is any opinion.?In fact, I also have opinion.。”
Said that the ocean is laughing,No longer speech,Concentrate。
This way,Come comfortable!The step is a flat blue stone.,All day,There http://www.5929111.cn is also a special maintenance。Place a little slope,I have repaired the guardrail,Along the way,Gao Yang is somewhat embarrassed。
Or,Current pleasure。
The ceremony of Taishan Fengchan is extremely private,Ordinary ministers must not be close,Can only wait in the temple。Kang Tiger、Ancestral、Yang Su and others,Can’t follow。
Really sacrifices people,Only high ocean and Gao Bo Yi are both。
Come to the boulder,Two people found that there is still a lot of stones.!Um,Light Han Dynasty,There are eight times,Every time Feng Zen,Will be a stone here。
Similar“XXA visit”。
Now big mountainside,Poster a large boulder,The word engraved above,Blurred。With the erosion of years,It is difficult to distinguish。
“these people,Be ancient times.!”
The ocean took a piece of stone,Emotional。
“Years will grind all http://www.zzchenyang.cn memories,In addition to Shi Shu Danqing,The latter is unable to know that he has come,Existence。So there is a saying that the emperor is afraid of history.。”
Gao Baoyi muttered,I only know that this is some of my head.,Can you say it in a high ocean?。
“What you mean is,If the history book is recorded, it is a tyrant.,So later people,I will think that it is tyrant.?”
Higher ocean has some flavor to watch Gao Boyi,Take a look at。
The words come true,Swallow back,It is even more。Gao Boyi has to say hard my scalp.:“Miniachen is indeed so thinking。Be united,Nature can only be reviewed later。”
I heard this,Ho’s horses:“Jiuhe you can say a good day,It is difficult to distinguish between words,I am also confused.。But this time you finally said true words.。”
He patted a boulder,Some are not willing to say:“I will die,Where is the flood?。This seems to be big,In fact, it is the extreme。
I’m doing the elderly,How to comment on the future,I don’t know myself.,Whybb?”
See this,Gao Boyi feels that the ocean seems to give up treatment.。
The sunshine pointed at a boulder。There is no letter above,Gao Yang and Gao Biyi are not a martial arts master,Can be lettering with a knife。These things,They are all after they go down the mountain.,Special person。
Engraving,Ceremony with the current sacrifice,No half a relationship。One is to give yourself,One is to do it to others。
The two are in front of the boulder,Opened a gift of a five-body investment,Stand up and stand up,Look at the far。