“But,In this case,How do they complete this??”Blackfish frowned,“Or,They have a great way to improve the ability.?”

“‘Fantasy’!”Zo Tian wants to,I called it at the time.,I don’t feel right after I call exit.,Looking at a few people smile,“what……Sorry, I forgot.,That is just the legend of the city.。”
“Urban legend is not really true。”Meiqin has experienced the maternity spring incident.,The legend of this class has also been negated by the original full district.,“Anyway, there is no other possible consideration.,It’s better to talk about it.。”
“I said that I don’t know.……”Saotian said with a smile,“What is even more likely to grow?,Why talk about it??And before you don’t believe it?……”
“Then there is no way now isn’t it?……”
Several people are discussing,The Qing Palace, which is sitting on the side, but also wrinkle.。
If he has not remembered something,The fantasy of the past is a song,The principle seems to be a change in people’s brain wave,Change to Mountain Spring Synchronization,Thereby constitute a network of more than 10,000 people to share the burden of calculation,Thus enhances calculation。Can be in this way,But let the Qing Palace are inexplicably familiar。
This is in memory“younger sister”Consisting of“Yumu network”Very similar!
To say that these are not connected,He is not believed.。
also,He still remembers the last,Mountain Spring Festival can’t control the calculation in your mind,Leading calculation,Produced by more than 10,000 peopleaiBased on the field“Fantasy beast”,When it is crushed,A slightly turbid red crystal appears from the head,This makes the Qing Dynasty to think of the scene of the first time I saw the wind.。Both are very similar。
this……How is this going?
In the mind of the Qing Palace,Countless mystery mixed together,Finally, it slowly condenses the face of Asia Lesta.。
all of these……Are you under your control??
(This chapter is over)
NS65chapter Meng is just just
“Hey!”Qing Palace is in the order,Suddenly, my head hurts slightly,This has come back to God,Look up,Meiqin is dissatisfied with his head。
“What are you doing?。”Meiqin picked him with him,“Let you consider things about fantasy,Do you want to think??”
“what?what?Fantasy?”The Qing Palace looks at her.,“Do you never believe this kind of thing??”
“When did you start to go to the god?!”Meiqin grabs a head of the Qing Palace,Force,“Give me a good time to talk.!”
“Pain……”Qing Palace can’t prevent,I shouted http://www.zgxybmh.cn loudly at the time.,Anger,“Why are you doing?!Apleged!”
“Who let you not listen to me?。”Meiqin,Looking at the Qing Palace,“This is punishment,Punish punishment!”
“Hi,Hi。”奈 揉 揉 头 头 头,“But even if you say this,I don’t know what it is.。but,I can say a little bit of my personal opinion.。”
“That is not soon!”Meiqin is a fierce look,Look at the Qing Palace and some want to laugh。
“Since there is an urban legend, there is a fan of fantasy.,Be sure to have such a thing existence。”Qing Dynasty with a desktop,Sound of the sound,“about‘Fantasy’,The most words used by the legend‘use’Bar?”When I said this,He turned his head to see Zo Tian,Sakuo slightly,Nodded。
“If you are using,That is to explain the fantasy, and there is a thing.。”Qing Palace looks at the metano and black and others,“In your feelings,Things that enhance http://www.longjuhotel.cn your ability,I want to have something to contact with you.?”
“What is the things that have been touched??”Junior spring。
“fool,If you have no touch with you,Can you use it to give you personal improvement??”The Qing Palace turned over white eyes,“for example,Suppose the fantasy is a building of the United States.,How do you use it to improve your ability??If you can improve,People in the whole earth can improve。”
“Oh。”The face of the first spring is slightly red。
“Things with us……”If you think about it,“Is it something that we can touch or what else??”
“Way to contact us,Nothing is also five senses。”The Qing Dynasty watched the black child,Continue to say,“Means of,Fantasy Royal Hand is we can see、smell、Hear、Touch、Or eat something,at the same time,Can also be‘use’s things。in other words,So-called‘Fantasy’May be a picture,An entity item,Food or drug,or……Audio。”When I said this,Qing Palace is slightly tone。
Although I have long, I know what the fantasy,But it is impossible to say it.。
“Reason。”Hezie’s first statement,Slightly light in the eyes,“Probably。”