"Cotton Catcher" Ai Holu (6)

At the season of Huyang Panjin, Ali Husi started busy in the cotton floor. Ai Husier Ai Ziyi lives in Shaya County, Aksu, Xinjiang, here is an important cotton area in Xinjiang. Ai Husier Aizi has been a small cotton for more than 20 years. Earlier, seed cotton, cotton mainly rely on manual, and a family has to rushed to the ground throughout the year, and he has to hire more than a dozen pieces of fireworks in the cotton season. 300 acres of cotton fields can be used for three months. .

With the promotion of mechanized seed cotton, Alibo Ezi family cotton is planted, fertilizers, and collecting products are basically completed by machines, efficiency and income are significantly improved. In 2020, Ai Holi Ai Ziyi bought a domestic three-headed cotton machine, and a partnership with friends, and made a remuneration for other cotton farmers. "Now most people will choose mechanical cotton, save time and save troubles." Ai Husle Ai Zezi said that people who have remembered cotton have been ranked later.

In order to improve harvesting efficiency, he hired four drivers for each machine, and the person was closed on time, and the machine was not working outside the maintenance time. Ai Holler also participated in cotton driving training and learned a conventional fault in the manufacturer.

According to the cotton progress and booking conditions, Alzer Ai Ziyi estimates that this year’s cotton seasoning season, his two cotton machines can harvest 8,000 mu of cotton.

The cost of shaving oil consumption, maintenance and personnel salary is cost, and each cotton machine can have a profit of about 100 yuan, with a total income of about 800,000 yuan.

Ai Holi Ai is intended to use the current cotton machine for two years, and then change a large cotton machine in the future, collect more cotton. Xinhua News Agency reporter Mushu photo.