Yugang Town, Kandong County: Paper-cutting Art Museum is a variety of rural tourism

Recently, the unveiling ceremony of the paper-cutting art gallery was held in the Jungang Town, Khande County, marked the establishment of the first village-level self-burst art museum in Qiqihar City.

Into the second floor of Spring and Village Village, under the dress of a vivid paper-cut art, full space filled with art atmosphere.

There is a vivid figure of flowers and grass on the wall, and there is also a vivid twelve zodiac; there are both creativity of the epidemic prevention and control staff, but also to promote anti-drug works, but the most eye-catching is the topic of the party. In order to express the love of the party and the motherland, the folk artists in Yugang Town spontaneously created more than 10 party centennial theme works, celebrating the party’s 100th birthday in this unique way.

Red research tourism begins with a scale, how to abundance, extend the project? Yugang Town party and government team turned his gaze to folk paper cut art.

The paper-cutting art museum is open to society. The masses can not only enjoy exquisite paper-cut art, but also try to create paper-cutings under the guidance of volunteers.

"The ultimate goal of the construction of the paper-cutting art gallery is to bring the peasants to achieve increasing income, build a new highlight of the local cultural industry through the cultural industry, and promote the revitalization of rural residence.

"Standing in front of the paper-cutting art museum, Deputy Secretary of the Kandong County Committee, Xu Xiaofei, the party secretary of Yugang Town, is full of hope, and speaks particularly firm.

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