Tianjin Tax: Innovation Tax Service Initiative Rocks Enterprise Confidence

In order to allow enterprises to fully enjoy the tax and fee policy in the process of completion of the tax, the Tianjin Taxation Bureau gives full play to the role of tax function, innovation of tax service initiatives, and focuses on the difficult problem of the company concerned, accurately Meteor, and reduces the burden to the enterprise.

Policy has temperature empowering enterprise technology innovation road this technology is a digital technology company in Tianjin High-tech Zone. During the exhibition of epidemic prevention and control, the Internet office model of the company has made the business volume of the company to rise against the trend, see development opportunities, enterprises Ready to develop more new products. Tianjin High-tech Taxation Bureau adopted telephone communication, online services, etc., to carry out targeted counseling, point-to-point, and sent R & D expenses to the corporate hand. According to Wang Zhiyong, according to the corporate leader, "" Only 2019 R & D expenses deduct one we can enjoy a policy discount of more than 5 million yuan, providing funding for us to further increase research and development, we will continue to increase R & D investment, continuously improve enterprises The core competitiveness. "Zun Di Star (Tianjin · Ecological City) incubation base is established by Tsinghua Science Park Beijing Enlightened Entrepreneurial Incubator Co., Ltd. and China and New Tianjin Ecological City, relying on the advantage of resources, explore cultural creative, technology enterprise. Recently, the China New Tianjin Ecological City Taxation Bureau jointly organized the company to jointly organize the "Star Strong Scheme – 2020 Chi Chi Plan, High-tech Enterprise Certification Award Policy – Online Special Training Association", combing R & D fees for high-tech enterprises The demarcation of policy points, help technology-type enterprises use their good benefits.

The service is intensive to fight for a truth, and the Trushes Holdings (Tianjin) Oriental Bokang Medicine Co., Ltd. is a large pharmaceutical company located in Heping District, Tianjin.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the company took the initiative to donate an epidemic prevention materials and medical supplies worth 10,000 yuan. After understanding the situation, the Peace District Taxation Bureau designated a special service, actively docking, interpreting the national tax and fee promotional policy related to public welfare donations, and tutoring the tax payment and related accounting processing, and reduced taxes for enterprises for 12,000 yuan .

"Thank you for your first time to send us a tax preferential policy.

These good policies give us a great support and encouragement, we will continue to work together to watch them together, and share difficulties.

"National Medicine Holdings (Tianjin) Oriental Bo Kang Medical Co., Ltd.

Shi Shi has the development of support for foreign trade enterprises to reduce the impact of the export enterprises in the jurisdiction, and the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau pushes the latest policy through tax enterprises, helping enterprises tax personnel use "paperless" to complete exports Tax refund declaration, comprehensively enhance the rate of tax refund, and accelerate the completion of the funds of the company.

Tianjin Groudi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in auto parts production, assembled enterprises, and the sudden epidemic shocks the normal production and operation business of the company. The company urgently needs difficulties.

With the help of the tax department, the company received more than 600 million yuan, which greatly alleviated funds.

"We originally thought that the tax rebate will be very slow, very troublesome, did not expect the tax rebate for two days, and the tax rebate was quickly arrived." Ms. Li said happily.

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Tianjin Enterprises prescribed the fast forward key of the completion of the recovery, and the tax authorities will continue to be guided by the problem, innovative service initiative, and "" Non-contact "" List "" One-on-one "and other help measures, the last kilometer of the implementation of the policy, let the Hui En-enterprises policy implemented decline in the land, booster the company’s recovery, and make a solid Good "six steady", fully implement the "six guarantees" contribution tax support.

(Editor: Sun Yifan, Wang Hao).